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  1. Mon Chalet?

    So I'm guessing that was the end of you playing nice?
  2. Providers that allow recording our session

    I saw an ad the other day where a provider stated that she would take the pictures, and would provide copies of the pictures, but that she would hold the originals. I started to think to myself that could possibly be a "sticky" situation depending on how it's played. Be careful what you put out there, you know what they say about the "cloud" bro!
  3. Just wondering if there are any ladies out there that have had to think quickly in any sort of client related situations? How did everything work out? Been reviewing computer based training lately, got me wondering! How many uses have I imagined for these safety goggles! hehe 🤔🤔
  4. Damn CE, at first I thought you were kinda "suspect", I was slowly but surely falling into displaying the same bad habits I talked so poorly against when I first started using the board. Now, that I've seen how poorly you've handled this situation, and how badly you've stuck your foot in your mouth, I know you're legit. Welcome to the board bro, haha... #1 rule try not to offend anyone (especially the ladies), #2 think thoroughly about the content of your post before posting, this will save you from eating "crow" later. You'll survive bro, your making average newbie posting mistakes, you'll learn the etiquette.
  5. Newbie curious about screening

    Sam is a sweetie! Now we are being inclusive!
  6. Ladies that are CPR and First Aid certified in case of an emergency

    You're the best.... that's awesome! thanks for sharing.
  7. Favorite 9news babe.

    Agreed... her and Belen
  8. Newbie curious about screening

    He'll yeah I'd hit that shiet... 😂😂😍😍😍
  9. Newbie curious about screening

    Too much...?!?!? 😂😂😂 My bad! I'ma reel that one back in, haha! Kendoll please disregard that DM, haha j/k
  10. Newbie curious about screening

    Is it wrong to ask to utilize another man's doll? Like am I wrong for even considering the possibility? Really all I would like to know! If not do you think it is customary to clean the doll out once done, like I imagine it would be considered extremely rude to leave the "gas tank" on full in this instance. I'm going to hell aren't I! Damn... 😇😇😇😈😈😈😈 Yep, my guardian angels are definitely outnumbered all the time.
  11. Newbie curious about screening

    I've never once seen a lady who required references, because I know what can happen when you put your real information out. If I chose to see a lady that required references, I'd have the exact same mindset, and questions. All I'm sayin...
  12. Big Breast 101

    I'm such a visual learner... you're going to have to help a brotha out!
  13. Newbie curious about screening

    The hardest part I feel of getting into this hobby is knowing what's acceptable to ask or not. It sucks there is not really a handbook, or guideline for people to go by when stepping into the pool.
  14. The boys club

  15. The boys club

    I think the lvl of sexy you just obtained, is frightening! Damn! 👏👏👏
  16. The boys club

    Are you really?
  17. My feelings are kinda hurt

    Bird is the word... Nikki is right on that one, although, I do not condone lying to your provider by any means, but yeah! What she said...
  18. Newbie curious about screening

    I'd recommend seeing a provider who is "newbie" friendly, that is willing to offer you references later upon respectfully submitted request for such references. I'm sure you've had at least one, or two hits in your inbox regarding these such providers. Saddly, you must work your way up the chain "young padawan". May the force be with you!
  19. Do you even lift bro?!?🤔🤔🤔😑
  20. Ladies that are CPR and First Aid certified in case of an emergency

    That's why I like you...
  21. I mean ultimately you can only tell so much about a provider through photos, and we all know there are tip and different tricks to deceive if one wants, but I'm more or less referring to the adventure of finding the "Golden Freak". That one that makes you feel giddy and lustful all over, like you're 16 in the backseat of your first car all over again. A special kind of woman that aims to please all that she touches. They exist! (Please, don't ruin this for me! 😂😇😶)
  22. That's too bad bro! I'm sorry to hear that. Recently, I've chosen to not post negative experiences. I can't knock a ladies hustle. If I show up, and she isn't LE, I'll let her be, but in the beginning I wasn't that candid. These days I post mostly good-great experiences. I may at some point revert to my original self though.
  23. New to the website

    Hello there....😎😎
  24. Ladies that are CPR and First Aid certified in case of an emergency

    That's one point of view, I suppose! 😂