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  1. anyone not having a hard time aging is already dead or is a bore.
  2. Agree completely if you're talking english riders. Best butts around. And most of the dudes into it are gay so that makes your odds better.
  3. What is the proper etiquette?

    What's wrong with "hitting" on her like he'd hit on any other woman he was attracted to at a concert? They'd never met. Assume he isn't a twit and doesn't hit on her by saying anything about her business or stage name.
  4. Why do you Hobby?

    Because I can't take it with me.
  5. Victoria or Lola

    If the pics are genuine then perhaps she suffers from dissociative identity disorder.
  6. I think that's a good assessment yet I will still rail against those that say it's OK to lie, whether it's about the service provided or the age or the fee, etc. I'm amazed at the acceptance of such practices. Brushing it off as part of the biz or with an attitude of if it doesn't matter to me then it shouldn't matter to you reminds me so much of the old tired mantra "America, love it or leave it". Do I expect honesty? Hell no. Not from a prostitute trying to get me to cough up bennies. Do I want the ad to be accurate and the johns to be honorable? Absolutely.
  7. Nothing, except stop accepting it as just part of the biz. Shorting the fee, staying beyond the paid time, fake photos, inaccurate stats, none of that should be accepted and laughed off as just part of the biz.
  8. Look up the definition of fraud and the answer to your question will be evident.
  9. Not funny when the doll lies about age. Matters to many guys who may select based on age. False advertising is fraud.
  10. I expect anything 18+. If p411 forced the truth the number of providers using it would drop faster than a provider's knickers in a session.
  11. BBFS

    McCarthyism was a witch-hunt, attempting to suppress political opposition by destroying the lives of others in an attempt to retain power. Your hyperbole shows a terrible disregard for the damage done to innocent people as well as the horribly unethical nature of those making such false accusations. The BB blowback is drastically different. Get a grip.
  12. The only deposit I'd provide is the one in the cover.
  13. "American Courtesans"

    Using the word "provider" in this context is also slang, just one that some people prefer. The word "prostitute" is the english language word. Is it impolite to use that most accurate word?
  14. Age aint nothin' but a number... or is it?

    I do. If she doesn't want to give her exact age then don't give a precise figure. Advertise as being in her 20s if she's in her 20s, 30s if in her 30s, etc. Or early, mid, late twenties if those apply. If she says 28 then I expect her to be 28, not 27, not 29, and sure as hell not 33. It's about trust and respect and truth in advertising. If truth in advertising isn't important neither is truth in screening info.
  15. Is that Angela Aspen

    I believe OP is referring to the woman seated in a row behind Stiviano and Sterling and that woman does resemble AA.