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  1. Incorrect Advertising?

    Someone sets a price for their time, then you question that price. That is questioning what someone seems that their time is worth. Then you say "yeah but.." If your talking about once you get there things change, that's something you deal with when it arises
  2. Incorrect Advertising?

    Well I guess you either can leave because you are not interested. Or negotiate at that point. If your going to hobby you always take a risk. You could call the provider police or fill out said complaint box as posted earlier
  3. Incorrect Advertising?

    Not the same. It's insulting to question someone's worth. A. You look like a cheapskate and B. It's just an asshole move. As I said before. Price doesn't work for you move on. Why should anyone have to negotiate with you? If you start every transaction that way good luck. Maybe develop a better relationship and reap the benefits later.
  4. Incorrect Advertising?

    Do you question prices about anything else? Why do that, price is the price.. You argue about gas prices with the store clerk? Pay or find something else. And the provider can post wherever they want. It's not your business
  5. Important stuff

    whatever shape, size, or grooming preferences.. Rock what you got, pussy will save the world. If only more people got laid more often, maybe we wouldn't see the world going to shit!

    We are just now seeing videos pop up of police abuse. I believe if cameras were more readily available sooner, like in cell phones, this would have happened sooner. Think of all the shit that hasn't been seen over the years. You heard about it but never had a play by play. Even to have a disagreement on this topic is crazy. We all know life matters. If you felt you had to create a movement to get anyone to pay attention is appalling. This is a world that needs to catch up with what's really happening
  7. i thought this board was to de informative and help, and if you had questions you could ask people in the game. I get it you're a vet. If you don't like new members close it off. Or just don't read the threads. But aren't you whining now? 🤔
  8. It's funny that this is being talked about so frequently. Myself being new to this and trying to do it the safest way. I tried earlier to contact a provider, in which I have always been polite and as honest as I felt comfortable with. I had emailed back and forth trying to get the "ok" I jumped through hoops and gave up a little more information than I wanted because I thought I was doing the right thing. Anyways I was told to call her at a certain time.. I did and after a few hours of no call back I felt taken advantage of. Super embarrassed and upset. Who knows who has my info. And I hope every day it doesn't fuck up my life. I tried contacting another girl and was told that I didn't have a chance because I didn't have enough references and told good luck. Out of that experience I got upset and asked everyone on here for help and was fed to the wolves. Got heckled by a few but did get some helpful advice. Either way. I want to be safe, I want providers to feel safe. thats why I'm here. To learn and stop shooting in the dark with providers. With how crazy the world is becoming why wouldn't you want to be cautious.. But if it's impossible to set up with someone is that just bad business? If it's with your life than no way.
  9. Ice Ice Baby

    I heard they were thinking about getting rid of them! They get rid of everyone else in that franchise..
  10. Good read, totally guilty of doing dumb noob shit.. We all learn differently, it's how you act afterwards that counts
  11. cant get my foot in the door.. Help!

    I realize now how stupid I sounded, heat of the moment. Just looking for some suggestions to get started. Thanks for pointing that out. Appreciate the help
  12. cant get my foot in the door.. Help!

    I wrote this after I got turned away again for not having any recent references. I didn't mean to sound whiney and I agree that it does sound that way now I should have written with a cooler demeanor. Thanks for the humbling perspective. Just trying to figure out how to get the ball rolling. I appreciate the input and promise not to sound like a jerk, that's not what I'm trying to do
  13. cant get my foot in the door.. Help!

    Hey everybody, I've been blown off now by two girls because I don't have any recent references and I'm annoyed. How am I supposed to be screened if I have nothing to provide. Any ideas? Really frustrating.
  14. Yea or nay ... rings ... not that kind!

    I've always been curious if they do anything. I used a toy that had a vibrating attachment, and that shit was stupid.. I would think it helps with lasting right?
  15. Getting started

    Hey everyone, I am new to the site and new to hobbying. I need some pointers on how to get started, and how to build up references. Any recommendations? Is it better to have a 411 account, please help! I would like screening to go smoother. And not sound like a rookie. Thank you for the help!