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  1. Years ago

    Thanks for your input!
  2. Years ago

    Years ago, I had a special friend known to us as Jez, I have been absent for several years and am hoping some older members might consider messaging me what happen to her and is she still around.
  3. Happy Birthday Jez

    Happy Birthday Jez
  4. Cycling is great but make sure you have a decent saddle
  5. purchasing Viagra on-line

    while most don't have the analytical resources that I do, I recently tested a US made (Phizer) and an Indian made both 100mg Viagra using USP monographs and a pharmaceutical IR spectrum and found no significant differences other than about a 40% concentration difference in the Indian Viagra vs the US Viagra. The cost with insurance for the US based was 14.00 vs the 0.95 for the Indian product. Incidentally the binder seemed to be virtually the same. For what it is worth this was only 1 US vs 1 Indian product, so statiscally who the hell knows!
  6. A word from Jez UaBriain.

    Go for Jez, you can do this!
  7. Happy Birthday Jez!!!

    Happy Birthday, Jez
  8. Testosterone

    I also am not a medical doctor nor do I play one on TV. One of the facts of life is that belly fat absorbs testosterone, 2 yrs ago after heart surgery, I aggressive fought to lose weight and when the belly shrunk the T levels went up and without replacement or T stimulation products. The gym and several century bike rides and you be up for it whenever.
  9. 411 on Misti

    There was also a tall 6ft redhead out of Longmont that went by misti probably 5 yrs ago
  10. JEZ

    Happy birthday Jez!
  11. Traveling for more than a day...

    No, not so much Cheyenne or Laramie, you are talking Rawlins and some what of there!
  12. Spreadsheet questions

    Please google and study Schrodinger equation, it is a probability equation and suggests you probably cannot get, nor is it any of you business, a valid answer here.
  13. Why are you here right now?

    WTF type of question is this? We have been for years, a loss knit community who for the most part seem to give a shot about how others are doing! Some times we are looking for a connection and some times just to share a thought or feeling or maybe we are looking to exploit this group with an article in the Post or some other publication! Is this what u r doing?:eek: