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  1. 411 on Cece

    She is totally legit and loads of fun. You can’t go wrong and will be going back gif more.
  2. Kelly from STG?

    well I should have seen that coming and caught it. thanks. not up for that big of a gamble
  3. Kelly from STG?

    sorry sbout.that. I will try to correct that but plunk found the right lady thanks
  4. Kelly 970-315-6993 Colorado Companion Wondering if anyone has any info on Kelly from skipthegames? I only found her from her stg ad. https://denver.skipthegames.com /female-escorts/caucasian_w/ars-you-ready-to-be-mind-blown/.097787316367
  5. Info on Kura

    Well her ad did show on the Denver listing but she did seem to be all over. I think your suggestion to pass is a good one. Thanks
  6. Kura 928-605-1873 Colorado Companion anyone hve any info on Kura from Adultsearch? Have not been able to find much useful info on her. She almost seems tgtbt plus I am not real familiar with Adultsearch or it’s credibility but felt a need to check with everyone Kura https://adultsearch.com/colorado/denver/female-escorts/2096285 thanks Rick
  7. Just looking for anyone that may have info on Gianna She has p411 ads but I haven't found any reviews or other info ads on other sites as well But no reviews that I have found https://preferred411.com/P85183
  8. Indianapolis

    I am headed to Indy in a couple of weeks. Trying to find info on any boards or useful sites for there. P411 has some listings but looking for any other reccomendations
  9. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Prepare to be impressed. 😜
  10. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    How about Alektra Blue
  11. Dahlia

    Dahlua Colorado Companion Curious if anyone has any info on Dahlia? She has some reviews off eccie but everything is from outside denver Trying to book with her booking contact so may have a more informed opinion in a few days https://preferred411.com/Provider_Page_Client2.cfm?Cid=306750
  12. Springs clubs

    Going to be spending some time in the springs next week and unfamiliar with the city. Curious about the gentlemen clubs that are open now. Snooty Fox. . TNT’s Others. Anyone familiar at all
  13. Maverixxx Colorado Companion Anyone know about Maverixxx? Pretty new to tob it seems which isnt necessarily bad but then again. The one solid review but was looking for anything else texted with her and sounded ok but then disappeared . http://theotherboard.com/users/134674 thanks for any additional info
  14. Who would you bring back?

    How about Angela Aspen and Cindy Moore. Just to name twi in a long list of fun
  15. Cail

    May not be the place to ask. If not forgice me and deletE in Vail for a few days. Any suggestions on resteraunts and bars? Need some good food. Lots of drinks. And females. Lol