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  1. I've been having issues using my voice number app. I've made it simpler and am keeping contact via email for now. Sorry for the change of numbers on my profile. 😩
  2. Please be aware

    Hello to the female providers, hopefully this is allowed but beware an individual got away with 500$ And even had a reference/ ladies can PM me.
  3. Impressed with providers in the Springs

    It seems less providers are doing reference requests. In my opinion it’s because they are either new to the industry or maybe have not learned the right way to screen. But it’s very important that we keep that going because it’s been a method for screening since the beginning of time. It’s important to participate in help keeping each other safe. We literally are the same kind of women and probably the one group of people in each others lives that we can actually relate to and understand. So therefore all the newer providers or maybe the providers who simply don’t know, please respond to reference requests and I will do the same. It is a dancers mentality to compete. Nothing against dancers. I’m sure a lot of us on here do that or have. There’s no need to compete instead of just helping each other out. The benefits are less by not wanting to participate. And I’m seeing more of this. When you do participate you get to see new clients with comfortability and safety and it also helps weed out any clientele that should be excluded from the industry. Jealousy, disrespect ( I recently had a provider become disrespectful when I asked her for a reference request), and possessiveness, are not things you demonstrate as a professional provider. Providers in Colorado Springs 👏🏽 These ladies are some of the nicest and extremely cooperative chicks I’ve ever met!! It seems Denver should be coming this way on occasion. All of these ladies sound so fun and sweet. Not sure everyone’s process for screening but I do require references to be off of theotherboard. I really wanna make it like that in more states so I can travel. If anyone ever needs help at all with screening let me know. And please make sure you are screening so that we can keep everything safe like it has been 💋❤️
  4. Madeline on SkipTheGames

    She is real! She is my bff 💋

    Hi guys! It’s Bree. Adrianne used to work together and shared a number for screening. My p411 account got messed up and I guess it linked to hers somehow. I’m getting it fixed! And Adrianne is awesome! Lover her to death! :-)
  6. Hello Denver! It's been a long time! lol

    I'll be there soon. lol
  7. Hey everyone! It's Bree. It's been a long time and I wanted to stop by and say hello. I am hoping to be back there soon. I hear things are still awesome in Denver. Can't wait.