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  1. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Taija Rae. And Kay Parker. The Wise Old Owl Too young to die, Too old to care.
  2. My Breif Forray into the Civilian World

    Dating after the millenium is frought with danger, deceit and disappiontment. If you aren't prepared for angry women, broken women, crazy women, desperate women, women who set the bar too high, women who have have false expectations, will use you, schmooze you, abuse you, hump you and dump you, or disappear faster than Houdini, don't jump in the dating pool. You have been warned! The only good thing about being single or divorced, is you spend half as much money when you go out to eat, to the movies, to a show, on vacation, etc...
  3. Good morning starts with____?

    No coffee, no ex-wife staring at me across the kitchen table, my name not in the obituary section of the paper. I don't need excitment, a smile, or depressing news, to start my day. Just leave me the heck alone!
  4. Small breasted friend (·) (·)

    Each of us has a preference, but sorry, my friend, if they aren't smothering you and trying to block your vision, they aren't big enough for me...
  5. Your First.....

    The first young lady I saw, was a memorable experience. Even though I was much older than she, we seemed to both enjoy the experience. I was nervous and somewhat apprehensive, but she didn't seem to mind. It is a very fond memory of a remarkable moment in my life. The first experience led to many more with this person, and she became my ATF as well as a friend. We saw each other non-professionally also, and I was very sad when she retired. She's gone now but I shall never forget her. bd5671 Time is the only barrier, we have not yet learned to breach.
  6. New Game

    When in doubt, punt.
  7. Counterfeit $100.00 Out There

    Never take dollars in any denomination. Just quarters. That way, if the cops break in while your otherwise indisposed, you can tell them the guy is just here to do my laundry...!
  8. Providers that complain

    These women are people first, providers second. If you want a slut that doesn't talk back, never says no and is always ready, try a blow up doll, guys. If she springs a leak, patch, pump and puck it...
  9. DFK and ATF's

    I had a girlfriend who was my BFF and liked DFK, but the GFE wasn't in her. So I saw an ASP who delivered a PSE with CBJ but wasn't into DATY. So I went back to my BFF and found that Her GFE had changed to include to UTF with CIM, so that ended my search for quality acronyms.
  10. is Doomsday coming?

    Nikki is the only one around here who speaks the truth, does care what others say and is willing to do something about it. If this stuff isn't reported, investigated, people arrested and prosecuted, then it will continue. You give those perpetrators the power and willingness to continue the Threats, intimidation, assaults, vandalism, arson, criminal mischief and harm to you, your families and your loved ones. People, this stuff needs to stop now. Fight back, don't be a sheep, protect yourself and don't give in.
  11. Only criminals need to fear arrest from the police; ordinary citizens need not fear law enforcement. Besides, Big Brother has been watching for longer than you think. Have you been arrested yet? I doubt it. Fear mongering is just a shout into the wind. I have no fear of that which can not harm me...
  12. This guy should be toast. Bring back the electric chair, the firing squad and death by hanging. Worthless waste of human flesh, this guy is; Life in prison is just a burden on the state and taxpayers. Can you tell how I feel about the death penalty?
  13. Why do they always ask

    Would that be called "Grope a dope?" bd5671