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  1. Good Read.

    Is there anything left for you to learn?
  2. Getting emotionally hurt by a provider

    February 04, 2014: According to the TOP NEWSPAPER IN NIGERIA - there is a serial killer on the loose, and she's a prostitute. The paper claims that he woman places some sort of POISONOUS SUBSTANCE in her vaginal region. And when her trick eats the box he is poisoned and dies. FYI
  3. funseker's reviews

    If only all were gifted with the capacity to think
  4. That's bad ass. You go girl!
  5. That's mean. Sometimes unforeseen events prevail in everyone's lives. Rather than spew a bunch of meaningless vitriole... allow her to make it up to you! Most providers will gladly give you a discount, extra time, etc Why be mad when you can be oh so glad?! And ya, we have our less publicized ways of reviewing you gents as well :-O