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  1. All that damn makeup

    I don't see how "people" like bad boy or that teddy bear dude can constantly make personal attacks directed at me and not get their accounts frozen and I make general attacks directed towards lames in general without even naming names and I get mine frozen for two weeks. I have done no trolling imo just expressing unpopular opinions and I have people trolling me calling me a troll... Guess u mention the word lame or fukboi and all these dudes get their panties in a wad and come out of the woodworks lmao whatever not like I'm here trying to look good for the ladies I am just trying to get a perspective on my failing relationship with one of them, guess that's the difference. Anyhow u mods are failing at ur jobs far as I am concerned how about just permanent me again like on my old account Incognito32?
  2. All that damn makeup

    U r right my apologies, backpages isn't the best place to find ladies, and I was merely using toothless hags as a euphemism for lovely ladies. Maybe I'll find a nice dispensary girlfriend soon =)
  3. All that damn makeup

    Some girls can pull it off but I would say that most can't. My ex wife for example was like waking up next to a little troll every morning, eventually it gets to you and you get a divorce. The last girl I dated I'm not sure never saw her without makeup, she would literally wake up early and touch up her makeup and I would always end up with a shitload of foundation on my lips =/ My old roommate was in a similar boat but I have known ladies who were able to pull it off so if u r one of them more power to you, you've been blessed more than 70% of these other toothless hags =)~
  4. Spinner, Spinner chicken dinner

    The average age of male posters on this topic 75 and the average weight? 275 w/o clothes on...
  5. Alright I think its about time to call out all you lame ass fuk boyz leaving me bad rep points or whatever. So not only have you been trolling "hobbiest" forums for who knows how long but you have the nerve to leave me negative points when I simply state my honest opinions? I have some bad news for you...god hates you and will continue to curse you with bad luck and force you to continue this miserable existence of yours until you finally get the courage up enough to pull the go ahead if it gives u jollies keep negative repping me, just gives me more targets to rid these boards of all kinds of self righteous lames. At this time I would like to encourage you to pull the plug before you suck the fun out of whatever is unlucky enough to cross your path...go ahead I think its time.
  6. I would argue u r an idiot/gay/desperate if u perform DATY on a girl who fucked 9 different dudes in the last 2 did all that dick taste?
  7. That's interesting they have all the same models as denverladies which is a site that requires the escorts don't hook up with the clients. So if ur into an hour of fine company/conversation with no possibility of even kissing, then VIPescorts could be for u =)~
  8. Goldie Baby <3 <3
  9. When a provider starts falling for you?

    U already know...
  10. Info on Jasmine

    I saw her in December, she is a cute blonde like in her pics but her face isn't exactly great lol...but not all that bad either. She is a little weird and seems to advertise a lot on BP and usually be pretty busy, says she's from Cali and has a masters degree is sociology or something. The good is she is very safe and made me leave my boxers on with a at least she isn't spreading STDs. The Reverse Cow Girl is nice watching her little butt but she is too tight/dry to really enjoy it, saying that next time she will bring toys. Bad news is if you try to touch outside of ur condom, which might as well be double wrapped she pretty much starts crying...try to do missionary "stop lying on me." Touch the condom and she pretty much will spray a bottle of Lysol and change the condom three times etc. One of the reviews said they were glad BP had a safe options and at the end I found myself thinking the same...well that was pretty lame but at least I'm not bare backing another BP girl lol..
  11. When a provider starts falling for you?

    The nature of escorting is for beautiful ladies to use their good looks and services to get $ from people who for whatever reasons want this kind of thing, which is an overwhelming large part of the population. Sure this reality may require the type of mind set where escorts are trying to get as much $ as possible for doing the least amount of work, but I certaintly wouldnt try to demonize all escorts as they are generally beautiful ladies who probably would prefer to find another line of work if they had their finances taken care of and are looking for a way out of having sex with "fat old bald men" for a few hundred dollars which the most obvious ways are meeting a suitor or having one of their friends/ clients help them out, but their line of work tends to push away most normal avenues. As a real life example I tried to date/ work with a beautiful young lady but "trying to help her" get up enough $ to not have to do this kind of thing (as she has said she never wants to do it again but continues posting BP adds lol) and have ended up "wasting" a lot of $ and getting a little in return from the traditional perspective. Ive spent maybe 20k since last september and finally have gotten a decent work partner but the dating has fallen by the wayside as I decided I didnt really want a "rental girlfriend" after about a month and didnt want to try to pressure her into anything. From all my hardwork and help, she has dropped down from 10-20 BP adds a month to 2-3 since we started and at this point we dont even hook up anymore just kind of work together. I know I could pretty much hook up with her any time I try but it feels sleezy to me and Id rather wait until she hopefully decides to stop doing escorting for good, and be with me... if that day ever comes, but in the meantime we act like husband and wife via text msgs but barely kiss in person. As bad as this all sounds I am very happy with the situation because Ive gotten a good work partner, to spend time with a model who has as beautiful as any, and gotten to help she doesnt need have to have sex for $ as much, which is one of the main reasons Ive tried to keep my hands off her, but I'm sure many critics have and would say all kinds of pessimistic negative things like she is a vampire and I am being ripped off, but I honestly feel this may be my future wife so imo a small price to pay and she is helping me make $ so lately has proven to be a valuable and hard worker, and if I never get anything out of it, being able to help and spend time with such a wonderful young lady is a gift in itself. But at the start she was getting alot of money with doing almost no work and didnt seem to have a problem doing this lol...but take the good with the bad I guess. And I am young male model type who makes a 20k a month for what its worth...