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  1. My first stand up

    I think my innuendo was well hidden...maybe too much so?
  2. My first stand up

    Laci?? I'd love to mow that lawn!! šŸ˜
  3. Things I don't understand

    After biting Holyfields ear off and wanting to reward ones self??
  4. Iā€™m new to this site

    Well one of ya bitebthe bullet and see this fine young lady already!!
  5. 411 on this lil spinner

    Ummmmm well maybe because that's the response I got when asked about a couple of ordinary things we ask about...sorry trying to keep the mods happy
  6. what is up with the no black guys thing.

    Ding ding ding ding.......we have a winner Bob! Tell em what they've won....
  7. 411 on this lil spinner

    Guess ur toftt then? I had been texting the two of them and seems like there is a lot of upsell....
  8. 411 on this lil spinner

    Well please let us know if things work out. I was texting them both yesterday and today..... it's so freaking hard to know what's what nowadays. They seemed friendly enough and said all the right things. Well hopefully one of us will see one of them soon....
  9. 411 on this lil spinner

    Sexy Susan Colorado Companion Has anyone found the time to see this beautiful lady or her friend.... They seem to travel together. Found a few links while searching the telly# but not much out there. Someone needs to toftt.
  10. Check out utube for informative vids and tons of info. Cheap Charley is one that posts from there
  11. I have to agree with this as I am guilty of this for that exact reason. I gave to gage travel time and without knowing approximate location is a deal breaker, sorry ladies.
  12. Socks and sex

    Barefooted with clubs is a lot different than clubs for feet....but a hot barefooted lady on the golf course...that would rank pretty high on the desirability list
  13. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!

    I have to agree with the Admiral, and it's so hard not having the full reviews to understand the limitations. I've tried PM and asking questions, but seems like the ladies are tight pun intended
  14. Socks and sex

    I think if the lady has nice feet I'd lean to the full no socks naked all the way.....but if she's sporting clubs for feet....sock it up and proceed.
  15. New Here just A warm welcome šŸ™

    Big hugs and šŸ˜˜ and a few not so innocent gropes of ur tight tush!