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  1. New to the Other Board

    Guten tag
  2. The direct approach?

    Maybe it's the hole I'm fishing but if u wanted to toftt, then by all means let is know.
  3. The direct approach?

    She was phishing for personal information and wanted pictures, and when I told her no thanks she started on this violent rant about how she's going to turn me in....stay away.
  4. The direct approach?

    How does one write a review if said person didn't see the other party?!?! Wouldn't mind letting others know, but the mods might not approve
  5. The direct approach?

    Stay away from this one gents. PM me for more info.
  6. Rose on BP

    Yes, her.
  7. Rose on BP

    Rose (424)235-6444 Colorado Escort Rose🌹Back in Town✨ Come Play📲 (424)235-6444💖 - 22 Anyone have any info on this hottie?
  8. Nina 303-882-1374 Colorado Escort
  9. 411 on Hazel

    I just got off the phone with her and from what just happened to me I would recommend that you stay away.....far away.
  10. Halloween special

    Sexyassbiitch 720-523-8218 Colorado Escort Anyone have anything?? ______________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Denver escorts Oct 31, 2016
  11. News on the SoWet bust - Prison time

    He musta had some really good attorney's
  12. 411 Layla

    Layla 916-262-5925 Colorado Escort _________________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Denver escorts 9 de junio de 2016
  13. Night Shift

    Anyone know if this is a real site or not?
  14. 411 Queen Malaysia

    She's the real deal gents. Review coming soon
  15. 411 Queen Malaysia

    Malaysia 702-726-9071 Colorado Escort Has anyone had the opportunity to see her?