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  1. A short while ago there was a post asking if providers were changing rates for 1/2 hour appointments. Don't recall the responses. This is a different question. What I'm asking here is: Ladies, are you seeing an increase in half hour appointments from guys who used to do full hours, due to the downturn in the economy? Just curious
  2. Most of the asps we see are: bare or trimmed. Very few au natural. Just wondering if the girlfriends you see do any "styling" of the bush?
  3. If your x husbands saw your large numbers of "fantastic" reviews what would their response likely to be? Just curious EZ
  4. Providers Showing Their Pussy in EB Ads

    Its to each his own. A view from the rear of the muffin, peach, clam can be titillating. However, from other views, I don't really need to see up to your cervix.
  5. Pushing boundaries with FBSM providers?

    Well, I guess I should have been more specific. I was interested in hearing from the FBSM providers, and I supposed their answers would have been something like "yes, its common" or "rarely, most guys respect my boundaries" And from the guys, "yeah, I always try" or, "No, its just, or only, what I want" Always interesting how a thread goes.
  6. In another thread one of the FS providers listed "pushing boundaries" as a major pet peeve. Got me to wondering if the FBSM providers have the same problem. After all, there you are, two naked people, body parts flailing about, seems like "wanting a little more" would be natural. So, I'm curious oif this is a problem for the FBSM gals.
  7. What happened with the John Law?

    I think it was a law that no one was willing to vote against. So, it passed to satisfy the person who initiated it, and now its on the books, just not on anyone's high priority list for enforcement.
  8. Shower!

    Well, the first provider I visited (Cindy Moore---now long retired) required and provided toothbrush and toothpaste, and a shower, --also provided, post shower a robe heated on a heated towel rack. How cool was that--hint hint, ladies:) So, since then, no big deal especially if it ""VE must shower together,havohl"
  9. White or Black?????

    Well, its "the pink" that catches most of my attention!
  10. Fallen Angel around anymore?

    Saw a BP "Fallenangel needs $" a while back. She was on p411 till recently, ad gone now.
  11. tried to renew p411, despite the outrageous price increase, got notice the transaction blocked--had to confirm it through the fraud prevention unit of the credit card company and then the transaction was approved. This happen to all who've renewed? Also, your reaction to price increase?
  12. Great acrobatics, but is anyone really having fun?
  13. ? TOB = just a BP referral source?

    the key word was "just"
  14. I've been around about as long as TOB has. Have seen it go through highs and lows, flame wars, temporarily shut down till posters cool off, periods of interesting questions and comments, periods of relatively dull content. But, looking at the recent posts, seems like posters are just using it as a referral source--that too, surprising, since the gals on the affiliated Escort Boards,seem to reliably offer most anything a hobbyist might want. Just my 2 cents EZRider