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  1. Seriously?

    Pretty cool. Wouldn't be the first .... a guy on another board "treated" himself to seeing a lady every time he lost 10lbs until he reached his goal and at the time he'd already lost 50 .
  2. Now I know these are fake pics in this ad...

    Pretty sure smh
  3. Faking it

    Lol it shouldn't be hard to understand (do it in circles, roll your tongue, press your tongue firmer etc). I think it's important if everyone can get theirs .
  4. Faking it

    There are guys that actually CARE if they ladies they see do cum. Either they genuinely like to please and get off on doing so (met a guy that came just from performing DATY) or it's an ego thing lol.
  5. Introduction

    welcome to TOB.
  6. Questions , boys....

    I've seen low-volume vary with people as much as what 'GFE or PSE mean' does. I also think 1-2 a day is low-volume but I saw a lady say 1-2 a day more than 4 days a week was high-volume, I've seen some ladies and guys say more than 2-3 in a WEEK is low-volume (so anything more is high).
  7. Questions , boys....

    What does that mean? Ladies who charge 200hr are known for bad attitudes or something? I didn't know price tag correlated with how good or bad someone's attitude was.
  8. This look drives me wild.

    I dunno about the others but it worked very well on Catherine .
  9. Happy Birthday Brielle Paige

    Happy (belated) Birthday .
  10. Been while since I was here!

    Yay! Welcome over to TOB Megan
  11. New to Colorado!

    .... hope you have plenty of happy hobbying.
  12. Hotel reccomendations

    Suggestions should be made privately.
  13. Weight loss pics

    Imo 40lbs is a pretty significant and noticeable amount of weight (gained or lost). Definitely should be an picture update.
  14. Don't forget to SMILE :-)

    Lol that is terrifying.
  15. Paymen - Before or After

    Especially this (bolded section). I have an etiquette section on my site so there are no surprises and i'm always sure to redirect him to it at least once (if he didn't read it on his own).
  16. Seriously?

  17. A new WTF moment for me

    Lol exactly or that! This don't come off baby lol. Brown all year 'round lmfao.
  18. Hi everyone!

    welcome over to TOB
  19. Questions , boys....

    ^^^^ There's no like button here lol so ..... i'll just say this.....all of this. ^^^^
  20. Relationships and Providers-a poll

    Clients and escorts dating doesn't always happen eventually. I've been escorting close to 4 yrs and I've never dated a client and have no interest in doing so outside of keeping things p4p. Some folks are just built different I guess. Most and I mean like conservatively i'll say 80% of the client+provider relationships I hear about end and end badly (sometimes with the drama coming out publicly). Outside of this business i've dating civvie guys casually since being an escort but I haven't had anything too serious and I don't think I'll comfortably get into anything serious until I retire from this.
  21. I picked the one I have because my tits are big, they're awesome and I like the looking at them even in pics. So much so I think everyone else should too as much as possible lol.
  22. Faking it

    Never seen a guy fake it. And for myself I don't bother to fake it .... i'll instruct him on how to make me cum if he's not making it happen or his own or i'll just let him know it's not gonna happen. I see no point in faking it though and letting someone think what they are/were doing wrong is/was actually working.
  23. I dunno why but seeing someone advertise PSE and then seeing she doesn't do Greek rubs me the wrong way but then again so does seeing a provider advertise PSE and she does EVERYTHING bare. o_o