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  1. My Ads - Broken?

    You are a genius there, Whisperer. It was AdBlock in Chrome keeping them from showing. I just never think of that plugin running. Thanks for all the help!
  2. My Ads - Broken?

    Since we are going to keep talking about it. This is not how I would do this in real life, but it illustrates the issue nicely. I go to the Ads section and search for some one. In this case Scarlett Dayne. She has ads. Four to be exact. I click on Scarlett Dayne Now I am at her profile page. Everything looks great (in more ways than one!). I click My Ads. The system shows that she has four ads. But it does not show those ads or those links. Its a blank screen. So as far as I can tell the only way for me to see what ads a provider has is to do a search from the Ads section. Which is fine. It's just a few extra steps. I thought it was strange and was curious if it was not functioning or if it was on my end.
  3. My Ads - Broken?

    My point here is that when I do that, I get a blank screen. It's not a big deal. I can work around.
  4. My Ads - Broken?

    I assumed that if I went to a provider profile and clicked "My Ads" it would list all of her current ads. I see from your post that this button is just for providers to see their ads and is not really client-centric.
  5. My Ads - Broken?

    Good Morning! I am new here, and trying to get my bearings. I discovered a strange anomaly and was hoping someone could help me sort it out. When I go to a provider's profile, it has a link under her name that says "My Ads." When I click on it, it will take me to a new screen, and list the quantity of the providers ads and a choice to filter. However, there are no ads. Is this me, the way it's built or something else?