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  1. Ad shows something wrong

    Monkey Pox isn’t new…
  2. Ad shows something wrong

    I’m a doctor. It’s pretty obvious. Lots of things look a like… but balance of probabilities would point to MC. I decided to email her and suggest she she someone about it.
  3. Ad shows something wrong

    I came across an ad where the young lady clearly was infected with Molluscum contagiosum… a rather severe case. It’s considered an STD/STI in adults. It’s probably well known unless you have kids… it’s a pain to get rid of. What should be the appropriate course of action, beyond obviously not visiting.
  4. 411 on Dahlia

    Her pictures don’t seem like she is big boned. But she didn’t respond to me yesterday, so I doubt she’ll be on my dance card
  5. 411 on Dahlia

    Dahlia 720-522-1425 Colorado Companion 7205221425 Anyone seen her or tried to see if she is genuine? She is cute and I like her look…
  6. Phoenix providers

    I spent the past 3 years going back and forth... private delights has some good ones. Saw 5-6 there. If you’re still in the market, I can recommend specifics
  7. I’m on day 10 of symptoms, finally got a test... but it took A LOT to be able to get one. It’s not too bad. Worst illness I’ve had to date, but luckily for me, completely manageable at home.
  8. 411 Ruby Sweet (Tucson)

    She is real, I don’t know how a session would be with her... I choose not to partake. I might try one in the future... still on the fence. She was cool to hangout with though, would definitely meet up with her again.
  9. 411 Ruby Sweet (Tucson)

    Ended up meeting her... didn’t have a session, was a very STRANGE experience
  10. Ruby 520-896-4865 Arizona Companion how do I tell if she is real? No reviews on PD. Answered texts, but not clue if she is real. I’ll gamble on quality. Don’t know how to vet outside TOB or p411. Any help appreciated.
  11. Jane Smith from Dallas

  12. Jane Smith from Dallas

    I just saw Danica last week in Houston. Obvious she had a baby recently... but still amazing!
  13. Korey Manhattan?

    Did you pull the trigger? I’d be interested in her
  14. 411 on Sweet Lexxi

    Tried to meet her around Xmas time... but timing didn’t work out.
  15. Bentley Banks

    Review pending. Probably won’t be approved before she leaves. I will answer questions in PMs if you want more info