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  1. COS NURU - Jasmine

    Hey Jebb. Apologies for the late reply. Work has kept me super busy, so I haven't had the time to schedule. Will get around to it eventually...
  2. COS NURU - Jasmine

    I'm almost there. I figure I would ask first to see if any reg flags come up from anyone else.
  3. COS NURU - Jasmine

    I guess I'll pass on this one then! lol.
  4. Good afternoon, I have been seeing this ad for "Jasmine" for some time now. I've been curious, but can't find any helpful info. Does anyone have any info on this provider? Feel free to PM me if you'd like.
  5. provider takes pictures of johns that did her wrong

    She probably requested the John to send a pic for verification purposes. I sent a picture once and was almost scammed. Never again.
  6. Happy Dragon Massage in COS

    Thanks for everyone's thoughts. They are always appreciated.
  7. Happy Dragon Massage in COS

    But I do want the extras! That's why I posted the 411 here. I want an actual therapeutic massage and am curious about the happy dragon. Just looking for any users with any insight into this. Good therapeutic services are hard to come by in COS as Fork and av8r know. A lady already offered her services through PM, I can always choose her instead ;-)
  8. Happy Dragon Massage in COS

    Basically I am looking for an actual massage. It it comes with extras, then great. If it doesn't, then I won't get my feelings hurt either. That's why I asked the question, to see if anyone has visited. Thank you.
  9. Happy Dragon Massage in COS

    Good afternoon. Looking for info on Happy Dragon Chinese massage in COS. You may PM me with any details if you have any. I searched reviews and Google with no findings. Thanks! Jay
  10. Out and about

    I'd have to agree. You are gorgeous. Lucky me, I already have your number. :-)
  11. Anyone seen Taylor for Premium Nuru?

    I am confused. On her site it states that Premium is body to body contact. Isn't that what nuru is? I've had a few sessions before and it's been slipping and sliding (tons of fun). So I am wondering about her previous nuru services. I would go by the reviews. If you take the plunge, don't go in with any expectations.
  12. Any info on Skyler in COS?

    You mean I have to wait for the review?? :-)
  13. Ftf?

    YEAH!!! What HE said!
  14. Asking for money

    Where's the "like" button??? THANK YOU!!!
  15. Pueblo Massage Providers

    Good morning everyone, So here and there, I go to the BP body rub section in COS. Besides the typical AMP ads, I keep seeing ads with this number: 719.569.4188. Example: Has anyone seen these ladies? The entire thing sounds like a waste of time. I am wondering if anyone has seen any of these different ladies and has any input. Occasionally, I like to get a FBSM, but COS is not the place to do it. So far, I haven't found anyone worth my time. If anything, I end up worse coming out than when I went in. I could always go to a legit massage place, but the added bonus goes along with the massage so nicely... The main post is out curiosity. There is one review with that number (bad review) and I am wondering if all the different ladies provide just as bad service. Thanks for your input (if you have any). Jay