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  1. Block only fans listings

    I think providers earning extra through OF is great as it supports their ability to be able to be able to be a peovider and or entertainer full-time if desired and only boosts up the community of available providers. I love looking at the material from those that I have either met or am contemplating meeting. I think it would be great if we had a resource list showing us who has one so we can decide to check it out if we would like
  2. Reputable Hobby Sites

    What are opinions on the best discussion forums?
  3. Offering bbfs

    Acronyms are too convoluted these days. I always had looked at GFE as including kissing, which I Love, but if GFE or GFE all the ways is now referencing BB, I guess I'll need to study up on the newest undertones...i didnt know BB was as common as it seems it may be now.
  4. how about some aftercare...?

    Can't wait to!!
  5. Lilly Lane

    Yes thank you, actually went and found out for myself......
  6. Lilly Lane

    Anyone seen her since she's been back? does she still have braces? Thanks