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  1. legit?

    I'm assuming not, but has anyone had any experience with Look tgtbt but just wanted to check.
  2. Nuru

    Colorado Massage Hello, seems as though fbsm and to a greater extend nuru isn't advertised here anymore? Either way, if you are a provider it know of a provider in/around the dtc who offered nuru would you private message me? Thank you in advance.
  3. Any providers in Castle Rock?

    I haven't reached out to her because it doesn't always like she does much body to body, as that's all nuru is. Am I wrong?
  4. Any providers in Castle Rock?

    Anyone in Castle Rock? Or anyone know if a good Nuru provider. Please pm me. Also, does anyone know what happened to Addison who used to do Nuru? I keep coming on hoping to see her back.
  5. Hello, could anyone pm me the name of any providers that offer nuru in/around the tech center? There used to be a few, Addison was fantastic but she no longer posts so I'm assuming she's retired. Anyone else out there offer nuru? Thank you!
  6. Sarah from BP

    Sarah 818-835-0733 Colorado Escort Anyone know anything about her? I tried tineye, but I'm not very good at this detective stuff.
  7. Kind of a confusing encounter

    I don't plan on taking any action. I never even thought of posting a negative no show review. To be honest I'm really just bummed, I wanted to see if I did something wrong. She was one of the few girls that as soon as I saw her pictures I decided she must be one I visit. That's why I offered to help her if she needed it. Then I read her many many glowing reviews and had to see her. And now I can't. So to say the least I'm bummed... I'll be looking into p411 more seriously now.
  8. Kind of a confusing encounter

    Yup. Why did I do it? Because I'm an idiot.
  9. Hey everyone, so I had something really strange happen to me today and maybe you can tell me if I did something wrong or not it if this is normal. I've had my eye on a girl who isn't from here but travels here somewhat regularly. She's been on my list to see for a while. she screened me by alternate screening methods since I don't have any references. All seemed to check out and I texted her asking if she was free this morning. She said yes. Everything was all good to go, At the session time she texted me saying she's so sick and needs to go to the doctor. I understood and even asked if she needed help. No text back. Later on I go look through the ads and she had posted her ad up , 5 minutes before she texted me saying she was so sick. I thought this was strange so I texted her from another number asking if she was available today. I got a text right back saying yes she was. Obviously for some reason she decided she didn't want to see me today. Does this kind of stuff happen regularly? What did I do wrong? Did she decide because I didn't have any known references that I was too risky?
  10. 411 on Ruby on BP

    Haha thanks for catching the age thing. Not the biggest deal i guess. Given the information, does she seem legit and g2g?
  11. 411 on Ruby on BP

    When I asked her if she has any reviews she texted me back and said she used to have the phone # 305-922-4543 to look that number up. If that helps anyone find anything.
  12. Ruby 281-914-5663 Colorado Escort Ad: Saw one review on Eccic , but that's all I could find and one review isn't enough to make me feel good about it. Anything else? _____________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Denver escorts Aug 9, 2016
  13. Tiffany 720-297-2276 Colorado Escort Anyone know anything about Tiffany? _______________________________________cached Ad cached Ad Denver escorts Aug 7, 2016