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  1. Khloe Love

    Well, that's too bad. Thanks for the info.
  2. Khloe Love

    Please do let me know if you end up TOFTT.
  3. KhloeLove777 479-640-3618 Colorado Companion Has anyone visited thia lady yet? I came accross her post today and I must say she is extremely gorgeous judging by her pics.
  4. 411 Naomi Claire

    I've seen Aurora Moretti the last couple times she was here and she is a lot of fun. She does travel with Naomi Claire sometimes. I might have to give Naomi a visit while she's in town.
  5. Megan and Harry Are Married

    Why do we care so much about what happens in the UK in this country. Didn't we go tell them to f*ck themselves over 200 years ago?
  6. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    I had a similar incident about a month ago. I had made arrangements with a provider I had seen once before. I pull up to the hotel and there's 3 cop cars outside. She saw the cops down the hall from her room. We both waited it out to be careful. I was pretty concerned and she was as well. I figured if they were there to arrest me, they wouldn't make it so obvious that they were there.
  7. 411 on summer gypsy?

    I had seen her a couple times. She is gorgeous but the menu is very limited. It was fun but my experience with her left something to be desired. I did get a message from another reviewer stating that she had rushed him to finish before their time was up. I didn't have that issue with her though. It seems she's inconsistent with her encounters and you really don't know what you'll get. So at best, you'll have an okay time with a really hot, young girl. Are you willing to role the dice and hope for the best? I did twice and got the most I could hope for. I probably won't chance it again.
  8. Google Voice Issue

    I think Google voice leverages your real number in someway. I would recommend text now then set your notifications so they don't show details on the lock screen.
  9. 411 on this lil spinner

    No problem. I guess it'll be a no go for me if they upsell.
  10. 411 on this lil spinner

    What makes you think there is a lot of upsell?
  11. Fast or Slow

    I like to start slow and sensual but end up going faster toward the end.
  12. 411 on this lil spinner

    I'm not really into Asian chicks but just might TOFTT with the second lady. Texted her yesterday and she says she is only going to be in town for a few days but might stay longer depending on how things go. Not sure my schedule will cooperate but hoping to be able to catch her this time around.
  13. Korrajones

    My Spidey senses are telling me I probably won't have fun with this one. Gonna pass.
  14. Time to hang it up ?

    It's just going to take more effort to find someone who you think you'll have a good time with. Or just take a chance on someone and hope to be pleasantly surprised when you see them. I've done the latter a few times and the gamble enhances the experience for me when the lady is even just decent at what she does.
  15. Korrajones

    She put up pictures of 2 different girls on her listing so something really seems off. Definitely passing on her.