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  1. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    Whatever roleplay a person wants to do is their business, but make sure the other person is on board, or just keep it in your head. An escort that I was with blurted out, "F*** me, Daddy!" No explanation, no buildup, nothing to let me know her mind was in that place. Threw me off my stride a little bit. More disconcerting was that she was probably enough older than me for those roles to be reversed.
  2. fetishes

    Thats what i was thinking. A nonsexual thing that causes sexual excitement.
  3. Mercedes at Deja Vu in COS

    Not entirely hobby related, but when I lived in COS, I frequented Deja Vu all too often. There was a dancer there named Mercedes who occuppied much of my time. Never saw her outside of there although we discussed the possibility a few times. That was several years ago. I might be visiting the Springs again soon. Can anyone confirm if she still dances, what nights she is usually there, and if she has dipped her toes in the hobbying waters?
  4. State of play

    Would like to see an ads section for El Paso, TX. This would also be useful for Las Cruces, New Mexico (about 45 mins away). This site was great when I was in Colorado. The only useful source here is backpage and it's riddled with scams.