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  1. Birthday Encounter

    Lol, GOOD ONE
  2. Birthday Encounter

    If you only knew how much research I do... Plus, isn't asking the community doing research? There's a forum, there's people that post in it, we're encouraged to request 411 on providers. Like I said in my original post, already have 1 or 2 providers lined up, just wanted to know if the community had anything else to add. Thankfully there are nice enough people on here that have private messaged me instead of being idiots. Thanks!
  3. Birthday Encounter

    Hahahaha, I don't blame anyone
  4. Birthday Encounter

    So my birthday is next Thursday and I'd like to treat myself, I'm mainly looking for a (very) good FBSM that might lead to other activities with someone that's not too much of a clock watcher and will make me feel like a million bucks afterward. I've got my eye on 1 or 2 providers but since I'm still a bit new to TOB and Colorado in general I thought I'd ask the community here to see what their recommendations would be. I *do* have one review under my belt on here and can provide at least one reference from a local here and possibly a 2nd reference back where I moved from. Thanks everyone! (P.S: I really love TOB)
  5. New to Denver, not to the hobby, looking....

    Thanks for the heads-up, I think I'll end up using P411, I've already got the ball rolling on my membership, but a lot of my providers in NYC were AMPs, or I don't remember how to get in touch with them anymore. Will do, thanks!
  6. New to Denver, not to the hobby, looking....

    The BBBJ search results is more of a... "in addition to FS" type service. I'm looking for someone that specializes in just BBBJ and nothing else. My ATF in NYC offered just BBBJ, 100/30-mins. That's what I'm trying to find.
  7. New to Denver, not to the hobby, looking....

    Hahaha, yeah I know I shouldn't refer to Colorado as the West Coast, but it's a hard habit to break. Anything west of Michigan is the "West Coast"for me. I even lived in Vegas for 5 years. I've used the search function here, while great, I'm looking for a pretty specific provider and services which I can't seem to find via the search function here. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm coming from NYC where I had my own established reputation and ATFs, just moved to the Denver-area a few weeks before Christmas and found this site. I was previously active on 3-4 websites such as this strictly for the East Coast and I'm now finding a bit of a tough time trying to figure out what the hobby situation is like over here on the West Coast. I never had to use P411 over in NYC, I'm discovering that it's pretty common over here. I'm specifically looking for a BBBJ provider in the Denver-area and any recommendations on AMPs. I have one provider that can (and has) already vouched for me from NYC, but I'm not sure if that's going to be enough. I welcome any and all constructive criticism and comments! (I'm loving Denver btw!)