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  1. Marissa or Suzxanna

    at the risk of schilling +1 on Suzxanna!
  2. Anyone seen her or have any info it looks tgtbt but a guy can dream!
  3. Glad to be back in Sin City

    Welcome Stephanie! :-)
  5. 411 0n Petite Brandy

    I believe that is the former Bisexual Britney.
  6. Sky Lee...

    I just went through the ad archives and sky lee has an ad almost every day for the past 3 weeks none of her picture are of a white woman and she has changed and updated her pictures pretty regularly. Some of her ads even state she is ebony, Just wondering why do you give a fuck anyway unless it's just petty jealousy? P.s. you did succeed in trolling some racist comments if that's what you were after.
  7. Speer on Sundays

    Maybe panhandlers would rather be called "performance artist" these days?
  8. LiLyLuVs Just saying HELLO!!!

    Welcome Lily!
  9. Cougars/Mature?

    I would have to put Sealy and Kitty on the list of favorite mature providers.
  10. 411 on Elana

    That wasn't the ad I originally linked to it changed, you sure are putting a lot of effort into a post I wasted your time on?
  11. 411 on Elana

    Any info? Denver body rubs
  12. Why would anyone do this to themself???

    If you're talking about her lips, I think she's trying to match her boobs! :-)
  13. Question on escort ads without smiles

    I'd rather see the no smile than the "duck lips" look. What's that about?
  14. I think its a fair statement.
  15. She is also the subject of a recent thread.