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  1. References

    Yes, I reached out to her. Two concerns were that she may be LE and the bait and switch. I messaged to of the reviewers . One did not respond and the other responded and did provide positive feedback. The reviews were TOB reviews as are my OKs. I tried doing research before hand by messaging the reviewers. I attempted accessing the p411 and it appears to be down or not cooperating with my operating system. I still don't see where it's problem to ask for a reference similar as we are asked to provide them. Then again I've been wrong and misunderstood many things in life before this as well.
  2. References

    Scenario. One contacts a never provider never before seen by you. There is the standard process for information transfer etc. She inquires for a references. You likewise ask for references. She refers you to her reviews (4). Then she gets upset that you asked her for a reference (possibly a provider that she verifies or socializes with) that she's legit as well. So, is it ok for providers to ask for references for security reasons , but taboo for a hobbyist to do the same? It seems she has been around for awhile but has a limited number of reviews which is what gives me some pause. Of course after I asked for references of some type the lines of communication shut down. Thoughts forma ll sides appreciated.
  3. NoDak

    Looking to see if any f you locals have some leads on hobbying in North Dakota. Primarily in the Minot and Bismarck areas. Feel free to PM me. Thanks.
  4. Why isn't there a Boulder Club69/TheAspenAffair?

    My apologies. That was meant to say any agency not specifically club69.
  5. Help

    Pfunk, your search skills embarrass me. For two days I tried and I couldn't find her info. Like an idiot I only searches the name she listed as an old handle. Thank you.
  6. Help

    Kyliek100 Colorado Escort Anyone got a lead here? I can't find anything on TOB or TER. Thanks
  7. 411 on Harper Kelly

    I saw Harper roughly two weeks ago. She is very much a real and legit provider. Unlike many that say it on BP the pics are 100% her.
  8. Reliable north side provider

    Please come and visit us northern guys Hannah!
  9. Bonnie 411

    I'd been following this advertiser on BP for awhile. Pretty much waiting for someone to submit a review but it never happened. Then I saw her at least the pics popup using a different name and number. I took that as a be wary sign. Overreaction on my part? Anyone seen this lady? I believe the original moniker was Naomi. Thanks for the info.
  10. 411 Pearl

    I searched with no results. Any help from the super sleuths?
  11. Why isn't there a Boulder Club69/TheAspenAffair?

    Looking at the reviews of Club69... Why would you want another. They don't appear to be quality providers.
  12. Wyoming or Ft. Collins

    Most of us up north would love to see more traffic from established providers in the Fort Collins/Loveland/Greeley area. When we get the desire to play the pickings are slim and likely already booked , so you're left to take your chances with BP, travel, or live for another day. However, nothing is guaranteed for visiting ladies. You may hit a book or you may have a bust. The thing is you'll never know until you try. Please remember that if it doesn't play out as well as you hope that isn't a reason to write FC off. Each visit could be better or worse than the first. If you could establish some regulars here that would definitely make it with your time.
  13. 411 on Dakota

    I'm looking to sample some of the local talent up in WY. P411 only offered some travels who were all long gone. Appears WY doesn't get much action from established traveling providers. So I could resist hitting the infamous BP to see what was out there. Came across this little ditty. Tineye showed the pics were only in her ad and nowhere else. I'm hoping someone has seen her and can confirm she's legit. Possible transplant from CO who has relocated? Thanks.
  14. Meat on the bones or no meat on the bones.

    I like them in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, my mind didn't limit my choices by filtering body types. If I like what I see and the anatomy is correct....I'm going all in.
  15. Definitely Fort Collins!