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  1. Hello.

    Where to stay? A hotel duh! Where to eat? A restraunt duh!
  2. Big time bait n switch

    Well the ad said 1000% her or free, should of held her to that
  3. Donation question

    You got screwed twice lol
  4. Interesting ad

    I think you just clicked on her picture if you would of gone back her real ad would pop up
  5. business must be good

    Your girlfriend loved this profession so much why isnt she doing it anymore? Hmmmm
  6. business must be good

    Rates are going up, funny how girls advertise specials so when you call or text them its the same price as their ad? Or review show one price and they give you higher price, not seeing a special there.
  7. Something Different

    After being in this state for atleast 9 months you probably could figure this shit on your own?
  8. A Really Bad Day in Bedrock

    How many of the 15 bad reviews did the picture not look like the girl in the ad? So if you dont walk you deserver to be ripped off, just saying!
  9. Weird email response from provider COS

    Ive had plenty of girls who charge 60 bucks, and they were alot hotter than she is, just saying
  10. The "No Black Men" ASP

    Maybe cuz aa men are known to have big peckers and they dont want that?
  11. Read Between the Lines

    Other ad is a guy
  12. SOWET users beware.

    That site was rated g compared to this site, wonder when this site goes down?
  13. Five Times In 5 Days??? SERIOUSLY?

    I know-how hard it is to take off your clothes and put on some lingerie q
  14. You ever have one of those days?

    The benefit of being a provider, can work when they want!, they should atleast respond saying they ars booked,busy,or for what ever reason, just plain rude if they dont, same with voicemails, why are they always full?
  15. 411 on luann

    Umm your not an escort? Why would you.adverise in a ezcort section then? What are you?