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  1. Day Spa 970-888-3804 Colorado Other Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. But has anyone been here to see how things go? Worth it or not? I'm close by, should I take one for the team? Let me know fellas.
  2. 411 on Autumn

    Yeah I've seen here also. She's cool and all but she does have a limited menu
  3. It never even crossed my mind that anyone could get a thrill from that. I guess everyone has their own thing though...For myself it's the only part of the hobby that I don't care for. The idea of getting busted terrifies me.
  4. Clicking on the thread I was honestly thinking to myself that I, the client get the better end of the deal. But after reading through I do believe it's beneficial to both parties to the extent that it is a 50/50 win. Everyone involved gets what they want no matter what the scenario is. He gets his good time and her the money. Right there it is a win/win. Add in all other factors and variables of how an encounter might go and it can only get better. Yes, of course there will be bad times had by both parties. We all know how bad hygiene can ruin anyones time whether it was the client or the providers problem. But even then everyone still leaves with what they wanted to begin with.
  5. Haha no shit man. That's where they get ya every time.