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  1. Evie Vasquez 411

    I haven't but just saw a review for her here on TOB.
  2. Pueblo Rub

    Just hoping that someone may have some information on this one... Does anyone know if she is legit. looks like there is a similar ad by another girl but she has a different number. Google search on the phone number didn't come back with much. If anyone has some first hand experience please let me know. Feel free to PM if you would like. 719-252-1265 / 719.252.1265 Luna Post ID: 21234680 coloradosprings cached Ad BP Colorado Springs body rubs Dec 17 2015
  3. Visiting the Springs

    Enjoy your stay in the Springs!
  4. Remembering Your Lies

    It is possible you hurt her business but seriously you helped a legit provider in the process. I read your review and was very grateful that I didn't waist my time or resources on her. Rather I was prompted to see someone with favorable reviews. We review to help other hobbiest and it's appreciated.
  5. Just wanted to say hello FINALLY!

    No doubt the name issue is a sore subject for some but I would just like to welcome you to Colorado Springs!
  6. 411 Lynn in the springs I believe this is the same girl. I was interested in her too until I saw this.
  7. I seem to run into this problem on BP quite often. Anyone else

    That does seem to happen often. My guess is they think people won't check or it makes them sound credible with those that are uneducated. Every once in awhile, girls change their name or number and that makes it hard to find them but if a girl wanted you to find their reviews they would tell you how to find them.