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Lilly Lavish Yes 24 3/25/16
Seen on 3/20/16, 2 Girl Show
Time: 1.5 hrs Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Not that I could tell Pictures Accurate: Yes

Experience Description: This was a threesome with Aria Amandi. The activities mentioned apply specifically to Lilly who is over-the-top hot, skilled, willing, fun, sexy, smart. This girl is hot enough by herself - I should not have worried a bit about the lack of face shots in her ads. With Aria it was just the right kind of too much heat and wetness lol. And Lilly can probably make your cock disappear entirely down that beautiful throat that just begs for the right hand around it. See you soon Lilly,

Age: 27 Hair Color: Black Tattoos: Some Piercings: Some Body Type: Athletic Ethnicity: Caucasian Eyes: Hazel Grooming: Bare Smoker: No Breasts: Enhanced Measurements: 34DD-26-34
AriaAmandi Yes 10 3/25/16
Seen on 3/10/16
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Not that I could tell Pictures Accurate: Yes

Experience Description: This was perhaps my 6th time with Aria – what a woman. Before Aria I thought I preferred women in their 30’s+ for their knowledge, experience, comfort with their own body, etc. But this woman in her 21 year old body is a welcome exception to my rule. For this visit I decided to change it up and not focus much at all on her; I made this all about me. Selfish perhaps, but a good call. And Aria ended up liking it. By now I know Aria’s wants and limits. Except for CIM there is nothing I need that Aria isn’t there for. She arrived at the appointed time, wearing the lingerie and heels I had requested, and a smile, and those striningly beautiful eyes. She knew this time was all about me, and that I would be directing her throughout, and proceeded to say “yes sir” to every request – I should note that she is not a sub per se however, and knows I will not make unreasonable demands. She fell to her knees and with her beautiful eyes on mine gave me a marvelous bbbj until I had to make her stop as I knew that day I was only good for one. Then, in preparation for some of the steps I knew were to follow, I positioned her on her back on the bed and through crotchless panties I gently inserted a well lubed butt plug while tasting her incredibly fresh and tasty pussy. And I mean fresh. I then positioned her head over the side of the bed and skull fucked her deeply but not harshly as my balls slapped against her face. Still satisfactorily hard, I repositioned her like the obedient girl she was being and removed her heels and the butt plug with her on hands and knees and her back arched. What a beautiful pussy and ass hole. I did focus on her enough to hand her a vibrator. I mounted her doggy style and as I hit that certain spot in her with my covered cock in her pussy she vibrated her clit to an orgasm that made her collapse face down into the pillow. I then gave her cock to mouth resuscitation, and gently fingered her ass. She is in into Greek play (ymmv) (and also two girl action with Lilly as I was to find out later), but my size is a problem for many providers. So expecting this I had her lick and play with the boys while I played with her pussy with one hand and stroked myself with the other until a nice load covered her beautiful natural breasts with new nipple rings. Her eyes were locked on my cock throughout. She may have had a second O as my fingers had found her G-spot. She reported afterward that she rather enjoyed being told what to do, and given her smile, which except for a while during her orgasm, seldom left her face, I believed it. I thought of the day as a spa day for me, and she was the best spa attendant I can imagine.

Age: 21 Hair Color: Brunette Tattoos: Some Piercings: Some Body Type: Athletic Ethnicity: Caucasian Eyes: Blue Grooming: Trimmed Smoker: No Breasts: Natural Measurements: 34D-25-34
Nativemarie Yes 83 12/15/15
Seen on 12/2/15
Time: 30 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Unknown Pictures Accurate: Yes
Additional Website Link: https://theotherboard.com/users/91107

Experience Description: I have seen Marie many times over what seems like 10 years. I always have fun and get what I expected, and will see her again. I have to temper her enthusiasm at times and ask her to bbbj more slowly, but heh- she loves pussy crushing in all positions, as well as Greek pounding, and is ALWAYS upbeat. Big plus. I am a fan for sure. Marie, full disclosure, is sometimes time-challenged. I think she wants to please so much that she over promises at times which can make her serially late. A keeper nonetheless, significant for me as timeliness is important for this old guy.

AriaAmandi Yes 10 12/16/15
Seen on 12/14/15
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Unknown Pictures Accurate: Yes
Additional Website Link: https://theotherboard.com/users/109483

Experience Description: AriaAmandi: ARIA: My fav vegas location and now a woman who may become my fav escort. I don't go in for long reviews, or for reviews at all for that matter, but Aria deserves this fantasy review as do several more I've discovered in the last month. I am not new to this being in my 6th decade, but she is. Mid 20's, Beautiful, articulate, wants to please, and still discovering some play activities she likes (or doesn't like?) for instance grk which didn't get beyond the finger stage. Pics are accurate. Breath is fresh as are her bare nether regions - no residul condom scent which I despise. Breasts are full, natural and perky size 34D on a 5 foot 3 inch frame. I would call her slim to athletic: maybe 34-24,25-35. It makes for a chubby just sitting here thinking about her posing nude or semi for me in any position I asked. Lovely long brunette hair. Lovely skin with one exception- see below. I have seen this gem 4 times in the last 30 days. From the first visit, which was a ffm threesome, her greeting was a smile, open mouth exploratory kiss and excellent eye contact with a brush of breasts and pelvis. All the activities above were a blast. Bbbj with bls was enthusiastic and PSE quality with eye contact and lots of spit and gagging. I didn't ask for cim and I believe it is NOT on the menu. She didn't mind me using my hands on the back of her lovely brown hair to skull fuck her. Her tongue wandered down behind the balls at a couple points with my encouragement. This is likely a ymmv item as is Greek-an issue for me due to girth. She may get there though. She obliged with prostate massage but was tentative - experience showing here but not an issue- she is eager to learn. DATY was fun of course, and in multiple positions which are difficult to describe. Sucking cock makes her wet. Her orgasms came with daty with fiv on g spot, daty with toy on g spot, daty with fiv and fia, and I think with cfs in miss and doggy. Any position is fine with her. I have combined in my memory different sessions and I can't exactly remember which two she squirted from. Mish and doggy were great for me- in doggy and rcg some residual acne scarring is visible on her otherwise beautiful back. I haven't given her a chance to see if she is a clock watcher. Convo is good and relaxed. She can go right to PSE or slower gfe - this ability belies her short experience. I mention in closing- she loves to fuck. And I won't say "treat her right fellas". If it were not censorship that comment should be disallowed imo for several obvious reasons.

theharperkelly Yes 25 12/14/15
Seen on 12/5/15
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Unknown Pictures Accurate: Yes

Experience Description: Beautiful sexual Dynamo. Grest website and blog. She arrived on time and is down for all that feels good to whomever: CFS incl Greek, DATy, 69, fiv, fia, vibrating anal toy- her. Also dato, hell I can't remember it all. Young, beautiful. Sexy. What more could I ask for. Well, two of her lol. This is a woman who could raise her rates. I'll be seeing her plenty. Btw on time arrival 1.25 hours away, body face breath pussy ass everything perfect. She came in the most sublime fashion with cock in vagina, my fingers on her clit, and vibrating butt plug in her. Fantastic.

Celeste Yes 23 12/16/15
Seen on 11/17/15
Time: 1 hr Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Smoking: Not that I could tell Pictures Accurate: Yes
Additional Website Link: https://www.preferred411.com/pwb-public.cfm?cid=127900

Experience Description: i knew to leave, but we all know why I didn't. I went to rendezvous point, which was incorrect as she told me SW corner instead of SE corner of a certain intersection. At appointed time it was 5 min delay for her to get ready. Then 10 min later an additional 10 min delay. Should have left. Starting nearly 30 min late I was greeted with her hiding behind door in negligee. She has a very hi pitched voice irritating to my ears- no wonder she refuses to talk on the phone before meeting, and one more reason I should have aborted this meet. I place donation appropriately and go to wash my hands. She is on the bed with her nipples sticking out the top of her breasts. Yes, the top from my view. Turns out she has massive scars and spoke of chiropractic treatment and breast surgery- really didn't get it all. It's as if she has two odd shaped breasts stacked on top of one another on each side, with a nipple on the top one. Anyway the session was a disaster. No cbj even though that is in her reviews from 18 months ago - before the session she told me to look to her reviews for a list of activities to expect but fails to mention that she had stopped bbbj months ago due to blah blah illogical explanation in squeely voice. I felt ripped off, though this was not a true technical foul. I left 30 min early and went home to call a good provider. FYI she says she intends to be a sex therapist. Of course, this could all be my faulty memory, perception and reasoning. Ymmv of course. She did give me an OK on TER btw. No way for repeat.


I treat all my clients with respect and appreciate the time they take to see me. Unfortunately he had expectations I was not able to fulfill as I value our safety. I was clear about this in our correspondence. I have had a recent minor breast reduction, & yes I have some normal temporary scarring but I use make up and am happy to provide photos - just posted a new one on p411 if there is any question. There is no ymmv in my sessions. I am sorry he did not have a good experience. He claims that my pictures are accurate but rates me at a 5, it is confusing to me. I offered to cancel our session upon his arrival when it was apparent we had different expectations for our time together. I have excellent reviews besides this one, I don't feel this is at all accurate.