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Rachel Of Denver Yes 21 4/21/15
Seen on 4/22/15
Time: 15 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: Yes Recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Well i so did not want to write a bad review but its my duty to help others with my experience so others are not taken for a ride like me. Well was good, she is the girl in the pictures but they are photoshopped and her pictures are not accurate at all, nice boobs, she is not fat but does not look like her pictures at all. So here is where it goes down hill. I told her i wanted msog, and she agreed if i did an hour no problem i thought, So i walk in and before i have even said hello she took me to the bedroom and started ripping my clothes off, less than 20 seconds of bj,I did not even have time to try and kiss her or eat her out, i tried stop her but on went the cover, and she rode me until I blew in about 2 minutes, i told her to take it slow, but all she wanted was to make me cum as fast as possible. She then went to the bathroom and put back on her clothes, i asked her, what about the second shot and she blew it off, indicated she was done and told me to get dressed. I was out of there in 15 minutes, 5 minutes for dressing and undressing so more like 10, minutes. I work hard for my money and i paid for an hour, i feel i was ripped off, was a b****, i was taken advantage of and that stinks. she should be ashamed of her actions that day, Later if found out that she used to go by a different providers name and had terrible reviews from my research. I only get to hobby once a month, so i am not happy about it, but live and learn. stay away good folks, this provider is out there to take advantage and basically rip you off. over all grade F, over and out, happy hobbying ripoff basically, total ripoff, a sad day in the hobbying word when i write a review like this sorry, but i expect better rachel over and out, happy hobbying REBUTTAL: Id like to start off by saying that, I am sorry that you did not enjoy our time together. I keep my photos updated and as current as I can, I do not photoshop or alter my body in the photos in any way and feel that they are in fact, very accurate. Sadly, I can't be held accountable for how you preform, I can only do my best to make it fun. I also make a strict habit of never discussing services, so there may have been some misunderstandings of your intentions or your desires for the session - if you did make the mistake of talking about services prior to the session, shame on you. I did change my name when I made some changes in my life. I have never tried to lie or conceal who I used to be, I simply just wanted a change - providers change names all the time... this being the first and only time I have done so. I also list all over my prior name in my new ads, I have never had a bad reputation or bad reviews. I have never intentionally been rude or rushed during a session, sadly sometimes (although very seldom) Clients and providers just do not click, I feel that must have been what happened here. My intentions where never to 'rip someone off'. I have a great reputation and am not a pro, I do this strictly for fun, if you wanted someone that was more 'by the book', or 'scripted', you should have seen someone else. Id rather be someone's shot of whiskey than everyone's cup of tea. Respectfully yours, Rachel

kaimi No 6 8/3/14
Seen on 7/29/14
Time: 45 min Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: In-Call
Experience: No Recommend?: No Pictures Accurate: Unknown

Experience Description: Contacted her about setting up an appointment, all went well, got the room number and went up, thats when i should have left. She looks worse than her pictures but they are somewhat accurate, She started off friendly enough until the clothes came off, too many rules, No daty, no kissing, no touching her down there, she went straight to full service, not even a covered bj, I respect her rules and thats her choice to make, but too many rules for me, She had a horrible attitude and did not even look at me during the whole time i was doing her, all she did is stare the other way and watch the clock, i wanted to try different positions but she only wanted to do miss, nothing else, said she was too lazy to try anything else that day, after about 45 minutes i forced myself to get done, which never happens, and i got dressed and left, not worth my money or time, she was terrible, i wont be back.