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Be in Vegas 2/28 to 3/3 / Looking for advice

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Hey all,

I am looking for some advice to determine if I can safely find what I am looking for on my Vegas trip.

I am taking a solo trip to play poker and disappear from the real world for a few days. I have little to no experience with escorts and none in Vegas. If I decide to get an escort I will have to feel very confident that I am getting what I am expecting to get. I am hoping that you all can maybe point me in the right direction for a specific girl or give me other advise.

I am looking for a GFE. Anything that feels fake or disingenuous is a major turn off and I am not interested. I am not looking to hire someone to just lay down and let me go to town on them. With this being said, I can guarantee that the girl I hire is much more attractive then I am, so I am looking for a girl that can be extremely aroused during the action genuinely without needing a hot partner. Or, be an amazing actress I guess, but would prefer the real thing. I am not horribly ugly or anything, but I am out of shape. Used to be a good looker :0

It is very important the girl is good in conversation and easy to get along with/talk with. I am interested in someone I would take to a nice restaurant and enjoy spending time with. Just an easy going friendly girl that knows how to handle herself in public. Preferably educated and well spoken.

I am really only pleased when I am pleasing my partner. I might be rare or odd, but I could DATY and DATO for a very long time without doing anything else and be satisfied (as long as my partner was obviously enjoying it immensely). If it was amazing for my partner, I could do that for an hour and be satisfied with nothing else. Of course moving further is fun too.

Having a girl that will have true and great orgasms is almost a must especially if they do while I DATY.

I am turned off by anything degrading or mean. Spitting, slapping faces, gagging, choking, or even an extremely demanding partner is a major turn off for me. For this reason, a high amount of the produced porn does nothing for me. Mock me if you will, but I am a bit of a feminist and I am only interested in an agreement that both sides want and will enjoy thoroughly.

As for the girl, I am not extremely picky but I do have preferences. To be honest I thought I had found the perfect match for me, Sunny Smyles, but I got a hold of her and she is off starting a family (which is great news).

It isn't a requisite but a skinny/short haired/tatoo'ed girl is the dream mate for me. (I am also a huge fan of large vaginal lips but not going to get too picky with that)

Sorry for the long post, I want to research this well and I will only move forward with it if I find a good match. I would be just fine not getting an escort while I am there.

In conclusion:

Must haves: GFE (real and believable), well spoken, good conversations, friendly, enjoys sex immensely, no rush, LFK, DFK, DATY, DATO.

Would like: BBBJ, FS,

Nice but not overly important: CIM

Will be looking for a minimum of 1 hour. I will be staying at a high end hotel on the strip. Can do incall or outcall.


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