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  1. Verification?

    Started in '07 with no references. Yes, do some research and you can find someone well-reviewed who doesn't require them. Start from there. Providers communicate with each other, to be sure. Posting reviews here and having a TOB identity also helps. Thought about P411, but nahhh. Why should I pay money for something I no longer need and have my info with yet someone else? I'm sure it's all well and fine and bravo to anyone who finds it helpful, but I'll pass.
  2. No. Don't like them on anyone.
  3. Things your ASP won't tell you

    I love this! Should be a primer for Johns.
  4. Why would anyone do this to themself???

    Holy crap! That can't be real.
  5. Classy Katie

    Moderators, please nix this post if inappropriate. Getting some exercise this morning, I passed a certain hotel in CS where I had (back in '09) a very nice session with a now-retired (I'm assuming) provider, Classy Katie. She certainly knew how to treat a guy and I can't help but think of her from time to time. Her full-bodied physique still makes me sigh and smile, and I regret not scheduling another appointment. Does anyone know if Katie's retired, or what became of her? Miss her.
  6. Classy Katie

    Well, I've heard she's gone on to bigger and better things. All the best to her, although I wish I would've known about her name change. A final session would've given me some extra fond memories.
  7. Rip j.r.

    He'll always be Major Nelson. I watched "Jeannie" avidly as a child. Hagman in real life was a real "Space Cowboy" which added a very interesting dimension to the actor. Rest in peace, sir, and thanks for the memories. BTW, he published a cute bio, "Hello, Darlin'", some years ago. Worth a read.
  8. Keep it simple. Bathrobe. T-shirt. No porn star attire for me, please. None of it is staying on long, anyway.
  9. Happy Birthday, Svetlana!

    Hope you have a great birthday!
  10. Question about rates.

    If the ad has two different rates, I wouldn't hesitate to have the provider clarify. Of course, I wouldn't pay $300 for an hour, anyway
  11. Ever find an ASP that looks like someone?

    I had a session with a provider that could've been the sister of a co-worker I had the hots for. Wasn't difficult to make the mental transfer to Fantasy land.
  12. Reminder; Don’t burn your Bridges...

    I wanna spend some time UNDER the bridge!
  13. 7 habits of highly effective hobbyist

    Great post! A lot of excellent advice.
  14. French, Irish, maybe some English, a little bit of German and Native American. Ah, fuck it. Heinz 57.
  15. Uncircumcised Penis Funk

    Sorry, but I thought cleaning under the foreskin was just common sense. Speaking as a foreskin owner.
  16. Emmanuelle Star Died Today

    Yeah, back in college, Emmanuelle was the dirtiest movie the rental store had. Loved the Lesbian scenes the most. Wow! Rest in Peace, Ms. Kristel.
  17. now those are some gams....

    Nice, but I'm actually looking a bit higher up.
  18. Why Do You Hobby?

    Every now and then, I like to step outside of my life.
  19. Big girls. Big tits. It's all good.