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  1. No. I stick by my original comment. What automation? Google Chrome Incognito, a throwaway cell and cash only. Wise choices. Over and out
  2. Good advice from both of you. Thanks! Not difficult to operate under the radar.
  3. Lingerie Preference ?

    Lewd, I like your style! Very much yes! Or whatever she's wearing in her avatar pic.
  4. Introduction ( :

    Ditto. A hale and hearty welcome! Hope you make some visits to CS.
  5. Say No To The Bro-Hug

    Bro-hugs are in. Whassamatter, 2Big? You get a chubby? Love ya, bro
  6. Which is better for orgasms?

    Sex, by far. There's only one lady who can blow me to satisfaction, and she's not a provider
  7. what is more preffered incall or outcalls options

    Drunken losers banging on the door at 2AM notwithstanding, I would think a provider would feel safer on their home turf.
  8. what is more preffered incall or outcalls options

    Decent incalls only.
  9. Creative titles for the profession.

    Wellness Enhancement Specialist. Therapist. Confessor, for some...
  10. Advice to Providers - How To Improve Your Appeal and Status

    On second thought, if the incall's an apartment/duplex/nosy neighbors, I would think the TV noise might drown out sounds of "time and companionship"
  11. Advice to Providers - How To Improve Your Appeal and Status

    I feel your pain, sir, but yes, please post a review.
  12. Rotix Elite Escorts. BBW

    Big girls? Oh, fuck yeah!!!
  13. 411 on Anna AMP in CoS

    Yes, yes...the little head gets me in trouble often
  14. 411 on Anna AMP in CoS

    To TOFTT or not? That is the question... The same phone # was used for another plus-size lady going by the name of Vivian. Incalls seem to be the same (Sunny Spa on Circle). No TOB reviews that I can find and phone# search turns up what I mentioned above. Anyone had the pleasure?
  15. 411 on Sexy Sophia BP CoS

    Found this on - An absolute "10" w / a view This one is under "body rubs" on BP and she is a little pricey but has to be one of the most beautiful and natural bodies I have seen on BP. It appears all she does is body rubs. With a view, "topless" with a nice thong. For 30 min it was 150 and 60 min 250. Went with the 1/2 as a first timer. As for her looks I highly recommend and the massage was so-so, for the money it was pricey but will return on special occasions. Also, I'm fairly new to the area and used to see a lot more postings. So if your out there please post more for us new guys in the area for first time. Escort rates for a FBSM? Uh, not for me. More power to her if she can make a living out of that.
  16. 411 on Sexy Sophia BP CoS

    Yes, a review would be most excellent
  17. 411 on Sexy Sophia BP CoS

    Doctoring up their phone number like that always raises a red flag with me. It's like they're trying to hide more than the usual.
  18. Having a bad butt day? Please wash!

    OMFG! You ladies work hard for the money. Ewww!!!
  19. One of my favorite activities! Excellent!
  20. Nationwide Insurance.

    Amen, brother! I'd love to spend some time peeling the leather jumpsuit off that lanky love-minx.
  21. Gated Communities

    I visited an escort here in COS a couple of times that lived in a gated community. Got to her location and called for the PIN. No problems!
  22. FYI: Greeley Sting & Shooting

    Although it's a perfect example of our little piggies hardly at work, who the fuck brings a gun to see an escort?
  23. 411 Relaxing Hands Massage in CoS

    I was going to PM you, AV8R, but it looks like you're not set up for that
  24. 411 Relaxing Hands Massage in CoS

    I've already made the decision to call this lady. Looks like a legit therapeutic massage place with a good chance of something extra. Having said that, if anyone wishes to share info (via board or PM) on her, I'd be much obliged.
  25. 411 Relaxing Hands Massage in CoS

    I know which lady you're talking about on Eighth. This is not her.