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  1. There are many things to consider. Was this a girl you have really wanted to see? If she has reviews are they pretty good? Were you out a lot of gas and travel time because of it? When I used to come down here from Wyoming if a girl did that to me and did not call or make it up before I went back I would probably cross her off my list. Did she come forward on her own to make up to you or was it because of a NCNS review or something you said after she did it? Since you said you harbor no ill will I assume it will not have an effect on you to getting together. I would think if her reviews are good then chalk it up to her being human and making a mistake. It is not like she shot your dog so this is something I could let slide and see her. Of course that is me and you will have to come to your own conclusion about this.
  2. Sure as long as it is with a gal that can do this
  3. Thanks for outing all my good lines
  4. I was punning the word "come"
  5. Do you come here often?
  6. Sophisticated

    Every time I hear a girl saying the words sophisticated and classy to describe herself she always has this thick Jersey accent and an Oompa loompa tan. Luce is dead on in that it is an attribute and people will know it by how you present yourself.
  7. Emoticons

    So I was watching Tosh.0 and he did some new emoticons. One he did was for DATY, which he did not call it that, which was :-p>. So I thought I would ask if we could come up with any other new ones. I thought of one for Russina (.)||(.) Any one else have some other ones? You may have to adjust them a little for them to come out in the ASCII instead of the animation.
  8. What's said, that doesn't need to be said

    I think it always comes down to how you were taught to treat people. Men who treat women poorly also treat their guy friends poorly. The only way I am going to have a good time with a lady is if she is feeling comfortable and also having a good time i.e. if she is smiling then I am smiling Thanks for the compliment BBB!
  9. Caption contest #1

    Everyone love hypnoboobs!