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  1. avitar confessions - what's yours?

    Mine comes from an episode of Samurai Jack which was about a Viking.
  2. 411 on honeybee

    Kaduk that has to be the best reply for a 411 ever! Love the gif!
  3. Lingerie

    My favorite way to see lingerie is for it to be crumpled up on the floor
  4. Paypal/Credit Card payment

    Smart phones and tablets are to insecure to trust for making a payment that way. It would be to easy for them to have an app or a virus that records your credit card numbers and start using. I know that all of those charges can be disputed but is it worth the headache. If you do use a credit card get one that has just enough to cover the cost of the session so if someone does steal the credit card info they can not charge anything up on it.
  5. Well a quick search on google brings up these PC groups: Notice none of these people go by the broad term white or caucasian and Latino's do not go by the term "brown" but these groups define themselves by where they or their ancestors emigrated from. Really not that tuff a concept to figure out.
  6. Happy Birthday Shells!!!

    Lucky girl. They are shooting off fireworks tonight all over the country to celebrate your birthday
  7. my nominee for dangerous scam of the day

    I emailed her my sign.
  8. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten

    Hope you have a good one!
  9. Happy Birthday BBB!

    Have a happy birthday and hope you enjoy the cake. I know it is your favorite kind
  10. That's an Interesting Saying

    Damn straight it does
  11. Happy Birthday Fancy

    Have a fun birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday Nikki

    Hope you have a fun day!
  13. More of your rights going to sh*t

    Whoops good catch.
  14. More of your rights going to sh*t

    Just to quibble a bit here this is really a 5th amendment issue about your right not to incriminate yourself. Till this goes to the Supreme court we will probably see ruling from different courts supporting both sides but I would suspect ultimately that it will come down on the side of the citizen but who know we lost our right to habeus corpus under Bush and no has done a thing to restore that.
  15. Help with clearing out the computer...

    By and far the best advice. Then I would buy a cheap hard drive and install free OS on it. Then they are fooled into thinking that nothing is wrong and prevents them from copying your hard drive to get stuff later. If you are going to leave the hard drive in it go into the bios and disable boot from USB and CD/DVD and passoword encrypt the ability to make changes to the bios.
  16. Happy Birthday Wendyluvsfun!

    Happy Birthday Wendy!
  17. Your favorite outfit for a girl

    There is just something about a lady in hose, a garter and high heels. It just oozes sexy.
  18. Happy Birthday Miss Lauren Alexis

    Happy birthday sweet lady!
  19. Happy Birthday Crystal Isis

    Happy birthday sexy butt!
  20. Happy Birthday HollyLove!

    Happy Birthday Holly! Hope you had a good one and the birthday was fun also
  21. Happy Birthday Velvet Valentine

    Happy Birthday Velvet!
  22. Happy Birthday Kyla Young!

    Happy birthday to suck a sweet lady! :-*
  23. Stolen Picture

    Eccie is pretty on top of things when it comes to stuff. Contact the administrator for that area and give them any relative links that may help.
  24. Ever fall for this apparent scam?

    In cases like this I give the lady all of Boink's info. Saves me time on screening her.
  25. happy birthday Sexymaid

    Happy birthday my sexy lady!