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  1. 411 on Harper Kelly

    I am seeing more and more girls advertise on tumblr. Had a girl quote me prices on a Tinder match. The younger crowd will move along with the digital age to whatever is in vogue.
  2. any providers that helps for prostate health?

    I am a bit confused on what you are asking for here. Do you want prostate play from a provider or are you looking for a provider that does some sort of health/healing work on your prostate.
  3. Does it already exist?

    It will probably help to post ads for a while with both numbers in them so if they search for your old number they will find your ad with you new number also.
  4. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Happy Belated Birthday sexy!
  5. 411 on Anna

    Google search on the phone number turned up TER reviews on her.
  6. Happy Birthday BigBaldBlk!!!

    To the Man....The Legend...Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday To Holly

    Most people think they should beware the Ides of March but Holly you make us look forward to it
  8. 411 on luann

    Most likely katie.ℑ=17413588 This is the cropped pic:ℑ=17692864
  9. 411 on dating sites owns As far as AnastasiaDate goes be prepared to spend lots of money on letters. Then they will want you to go to a mixer to meet ladies. Good chance some of the ladies there will be pros. They will either be pro daters or they will be working girls. You may find a good lady in the East or just a lady looking for your money and a Green Card.
  10. Happy Birthday BigBaldBlk!

    Happy birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday Nikki Holiday!

    Happy birthday Nikki!
  12. Happy Birthday Nikki Holiday!

    Maybe if you saw and post and there isn't a post today there is no reason to bring it up.
  13. DOJ going after porn star bank accounts

    The DOJ is now pressuring banks to close bank accounts of people they think are in an undesirable profession. I know one provider who has had this happen to her.
  14. What song best describes you today?

    Black Country Communion The Man in the Middle
  15. Happy Birthday Scarlet O'brien!!!

    Happy Birthday Scarlet!
  16. If your favorite ASP were a superhero......

    Mine has already had a comic
  17. Happy Birthday HollyLove!

    Happy belated birthday to a fantastic lady!
  18. Allow me to introduce myself

    Welcome my lovely lady and I hope you have a wonderful stay!
  19. What is with reviews???

    Writing a review that get accepted will give you free premium membership for a while on Eccie.
  20. Send me a pic sweetie

    You do not have to name names here but was this an established provider that asked this? I could see how this could be a sting where they have your photo and phone number and then subpoena the provider for call records and use that to bust you or maybe my tinfoil hat is just getting to tight
  21. Fun at DFW

    Eccie is the place for DFW. Start checking out some of the ladies in chat and read their reviews. Tons of great women there. You will be like a kid in a candy store.
  22. happy birthday Elle!

    Happy birthday Elle!
  23. Happy Birthday thaetviking

    Thanks everyone!