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  1. Advice

    Touring is always a crapshoot, with about half of the bookings in most cities being done after you arrive (last minute). As long as your reviews are stellar, your rates in line with the general population, and your body type height and weight proportionate, you'll have no major problems in any major city with the proper advertising. However, I wouldn't base appointments to be booked based on the expressed eagerness of a handful of guys. An inquiry means nothing..... a scheduled appointment means a lot more (especially if you have a very clear cancellation policy!) Some cities will be better than others of course, and unfortunately there's really no good way to figure them out other than just going and giving them a shot. I found LA, Phx, SLC to be duds.... Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlantic City were all really good for me. But everyone is different, each market is a little different.
  2. Both valid comments. And with that, I shut this one down....
  3. Introduction ( :

    Hang up, don't answer, delete, ignore. And most of all, avoid bringing drama to the board or you'll lose friends around here rapidly. At least amongst the moderators/admin.
  4. Daily sex topics?

    I think 3 a week would be more than plenty. Probably keeping it to 1-2 a week, and limiting any "look at me!!" type of information, would be excellent without stepping into the advertising realm. But it does sound like fun as long as it doesn't start taking that turn.
  5. Advertising?

    If that's the case, the polite thing to do is to at least say "I don't think we're a match", or something to that effect. Simply ignoring a customer is beyond rude (unless he's just a total ass).
  6. Questions for The Whisperer???

    You are all welcome to complain about how the new owner runs the board, when the new owner is running the board. Well actually, that's only IF complaints about how the board is moderated are permitted, which they are not right now. Also, the rules will stay exactly as they are until I'm gone, which will likely be 6 (or so) months from now. I'll make an announcement about my final departure, and then IF any changes are made I'm sure it will be made known. I wouldn't hold my breathe though.
  7. Questions for The Whisperer???

    HAHA.... good one! The change in ownership has not yet been made, but it will happen soon and will not be announced. IF TheWhisperer decides that he/she really wants to jump into these discussions, the time to do that will be after I've left my position as owner, and then as moderator (which I plan to continue on with for at least a few months into the new year). Personally, I hope The Whisperer doesn't get any more involved in the community than they already are, and can allow TOB discussions to continue on as it has without any huge changes. But as far as answers, they won't be forthcoming at least for the time being.
  8. +1000 I skipped #2 because I personally couldn't care less if more providers or clients post.
  9. My only intention when I posted the comment about the misogynist posts, was to let those posters know that some of their words have had an effect. The effect on me, is that I have zero desire to read those types of comments any longer. I am capable of moving on to another post if I don't like what I see, but the problem is that as Administrator I find myself having to wade into threads that disgust me, I just don't have the option to not read it. So by leaving the position, I will reclaim my ability to pick and choose what threads I read and participate in. My intention was never to point fingers, or to tell anyone they are wrong, or that they should change. I was only explaining how certain comments have affected me, and why I am gladly leaving the position behind. I actually quite like 2big, always have. I also like CrazyHorse and Redacted, and many of the other posters who have at one time or another posted something that may have really pissed me off. I like their brash personalities, and respect them for their (often brutal) honesty. What I don't like, is when an effort is made to make posts that are pointedly hurtful and rude. However, I'm not perfect either and I've said plenty of things that I shouldn't have over the years. I just want the ability to separate myself from that which offends me, and as Administrator/Moderator I don't have that option.
  10. CS Busts

    I totally missed that... my mistake.
  11. Exactly. After nearly 18 years on these boards, the "shut up and spread em" comments just aren't the least bit amusing or interesting. It's time for me to put myself in a position where I can read a thread IF I feel like it, not because I must. The guilty parties are also usually the most honest posters, and I appreciate a lot of what they bring to the community. I'm really not much for non-stop ass kissing and airy fairy-ness. But once the comments start down the path of "stupid hooker needs to get on her knees" and "women are worthless unless they are young and naked", I'd rather just skip over it because it does hurt me to read those things. As admin, I don't have the luxury of passing those threads by.... as a regular member of the board, I will.
  12. CS Busts

    Well, as far as additional info.... they set up a hotel room or two, and then called up a bunch of girls advertising on BP or where ever. Whoever showed up got a ticket to appear in court or booked into jail until bond was posted. Same story, in every city of any size, in every state, every few weeks. I'm not trying to make light of it, but it's commonplace and not a valid reason for everyone to go running around screaming their heads off... which does tend to happen in the community. It's not happening in this case (at least not as far as I can see), but that's the usual reaction, and totally unnecessary imo.
  13. Here's who I would be perfectly happy with: And Terrence Howard does something for me too:
  14. CS Busts

    Just so everyone is aware, doing stings is their job and it happens on an extremely regular basis. Every week, one county or another is doing something. So it's really not newsworthy to say "there was a sting in JeffCo last night"... because there is a sting in JeffCo/DenCo/ArapCo/etc every few weeks. The only time it really beomes SLIGHTLY more interesting is if they target more than the lowest hanging fruit (BP).... and even then, it's only slightly more interesting. Be safe out there, but please don't kid yourself about the risks. They are very real.
  15. what is your age preference for your ASP

    Regardless of how much effort some people put into trying to convince women over 25-30 that they are no longer wanted in this industry, I can tell you that fit and well adjusted 35-45 year olds do far better than any 18-25 year old, no matter how hot. They tend to be better at the job (more experienced), more confident in themselves, and are usually more organized (which doesn't hurt either!). I ran a very successful agency for about 15 years, and we only worked with height and weight proportionate over-30s. One of our providers was well into her 60s (Cookie, some of you will remember her!), and still had her share of clients. Each to their own and all of that, but to suggest that there is no market for milfs and gilfs is ridiculous.
  16. If nobody bothers to report the issue, nothing will be done. I suggest contacting the respective sites regarding the issue, not everyone reads this board.
  17. We're working on it.... thanks for reporting it.
  18. Screening and advertising is probably the largest and longest running "legitimate" blacklist, and anyone who pays can access it.... and I've never seen a blacklist site that wasn't leaky as f*ck. He, and other misogynists like him, are nothing more than immature walking dicks and don't deserve even an ounce of your energy.
  19. I don't think people should be made to feel "less than" because of a choice they have made (although I personally don't think that it's a choice, in many instances).
  20. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, in the very heart of the Canadian prairies, and I can tell you it's pretty laid back there as well. Actually, there was no time stamp on the common bawdy house law. If a place was used more than one time for prostitution, it could be deemed a bawdy house (brothel). In all my years in this industry, I don't know a single person who was ever charged under that law. (Although I read about it in the papers once or twice) Solicitation in a public place, or place open to public view, was the law that was used to address nuisance (street) prostitution. It's unfortunate that they threw these old laws out as unconstitutional, only to possibly put in place some even more ridiculous laws. Regardless, I expect the old laid back attitudes to continue, with whatever the new laws are to be used to target nuisance prostitution, and perhaps to get the "$80 ANAL" ads out of the weekly newspapers.
  21. It will be for venues that allow advertisements of SEX for money. It will never be illegal for a venue to allow advertisements of TIME for money. As much as things change, they really just stay the same.
  22. But in Kaduk's defense, I did say: So get it all out now, tomorrow is a new day.
  23. Making the switch to WE

    HAHAHA..... oh boy, that one hits close to home some days.
  24. From the TOB rules (just reread them myself): 5. Do not post anything that would be considered to be "outing" or a threat of "outing", racial or homophobic slurs, threats of violence, direct personal attacks, or that which appears intended to antagonize or produce harm. After thinking about it a bit, posting that "this thread is gay", or "are you gay, bro" or anything with that sort of offensive connotation will be considered a homophobic slur and will no longer be tolerated. So basically, after this thread has run it's course, unless you are using the word "gay" to strictly mean homosexual person (or happy), it will be dinged as an infraction on the board. I apologize to the many people I have offended with my own use of the word, and I'll try to do better.