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  1. Solution to not having an incall

    hehe... good one! Did I ever tell you guys about the story when a couple of girlfriends and myself rented a motorhome and did appointments all the way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras?? It was a BLAST!!!! Ah, the memories.....
  2. Exactly. Hosting a website offshore doesn't provide much/any protection.... (other than protection for the databases). A company still exists in, pays taxes in, and is bound to the laws of, the country the business takes place in. Which is the country the employees and owner are in, which is in Canada. That the site is hosted somewhere else doesn't affect any of that. It sucks, I get it. If a person doesn't see enough value in the site with the changes, no one would expect that person to renew. However, we're not going to put the site, and it's members, in harms way just because we're bound to lose a percentage of users. It's only money, you win some and you lose some.... we'll see how this turns out.
  3. Escorts Murderer finally arrested today

    That's actually a really good point.
  4. You are correct, but this doesn't apply to the situation he is talking about. There is ONE agency on P411 that has a copy and paste reply, that tells those who contact them through P411 to then text them. Which is fine, since the initial contact was made through P411. It will be interesting to see what happens. We shall see..... but P411 has been growing by about 25-30%, every year, for 10 years now. Perhaps the growth will stop, I don't know. I like to think that it won't though!
  5. That is not true. The only difference with Bill C-36 is that we can no longer allow providers to mention any sexual activities in their ads. They can still sell their time. Please note that the majority of providers don't mention any sexual activities in their advertising anyway. Clients will still be able to put whatever they want on their profiles (since they are not "advertising"), private communications are still private, links to reviews and websites are still permitted, and we are giving providers a means to indicate whether she will provide an activity list privately, upon request. Its just that providers can no longer make sexually graphic ads, which only a few did anyway. It's really not that big of a deal (imo), but of course it's up to you to decide in the end how but of an impact it has on the value you see in the site.
  6. I can promise that there will no more rate increases for a good long time.
  7. Providers will still be able to link to reviews and their websites, where additional information and specifics can be gleaned. Many options have been considered (thanks LaPlace for the suggestions), but it is very important that the site stays firmly on the right side of things. Therefore, the site will be cleaned up and we won't be looking for ways to "get around" what is required of escort sites in Canada.
  8. The ads won't be gone, but sexual activities will be removed from the advertisements. FWIW, the Activity List was only added to P411 in early 2011.... the site operated (and grew) for 6 years before that, without the Activity List. Client profiles and private communications will in no way be affected. This change applies only to the advertisements. I'm also very interested to see what effect the changes will have, although I can't say I'm not a little nervous..... eek.
  9. Escorts Murderer finally arrested today

    I'll chime in my voice to say that in my experience, LE most often DOES care about serious crimes, even if the victim was a provider. While I've run into one or two in my days who were just asswipes out to destroy people's lives because they were on a power trip, the vast majority are simply "doing their job" and look forward to the days that they actually get to do some good in the world. Stopping a violent criminal would probably be high on that list. Cautious optimism is always my motto.
  10. Escorts Murderer finally arrested today

    We just lost another provider here in Toronto a few weeks ago. Working as a nanny during the day and seeing clients at night, sending money back home to her family in the Philippines. Some bastard posing as a client raped and murdered her, then set her room on fire. While I normally don't like FUD posts, I think it's important for everyone to understand that there is a real danger in meeting with strangers in the way providers do. These women are just like you, and I. Please stay safe out there, everyone. You would be missed....
  11. What brightens your day?

    ^^^^ ahhh yes, the memories. However the accompanying thought of the way my brittle old bones would snap should I take a tumble, darkens my day. - a fluffy, snuggly duvet on a cold night - my Arbonne hand cream, that smells like sunshine - playing the piano - reminiscing with friends - a massage given by callused, working man's hands
  12. Snitch....the enemy within .

    Oh, and to all the "new members" who are jumping on the "let's bash Nikki train"... grow some balls, how about you say what you have to say under your real names or find something else to do with your time.
  13. Snitch....the enemy within .

    We all need to keep in mind that Nikki Holiday has no clue what she is talking about a good amount of the time, which is why I had to butcher her posts (lest someone think she is sharing accurate information). Please take everything she (and everyone!) says with a BIG grain of salt. Yes, it's a really good idea to play smart and safe. However, the sky is not falling.... everything is basically the same as it was when I first came on the internet scene, way back in 1997.
  14. I am in

    Me too. Fingers crossed!
  15. Confused - this time EB

    I wouldn't believe that anyone is truly a P411 member just because they said so. Unless you see them on P411, it's safer to assume that information is not correct. That said, stolen photos and upsellers do slip through on P411 from time to time. I suggest Reporting a Problem on P411, if you see anything that needs looked at.
  16. Fugative Captured in NY

    Often I am as well.... no worries.
  17. Fugative Captured in NY

    Yes, he was (thankfully) caught on Tuesday and the alert deleted.
  18. Body image

    I realize that, thanks. I also realize that. However, many young women, including myself once upon a time, get it in their heads that their healthy weight is actually overweight, when it's not. Not everyone is slender, skinny, tiny.... and that's Okay. It's perfectly fine to be average, to have a butt, for a body to be soft. We are women, after all. I'm the last person to think that allowing obesity is an acceptable option though. In my mind, there is no good excuse for not taking the best care of yourself, and your body, as you can. However, I also know that life is hard enough for all of us, without being judged and having to hear comments from the peanut gallery every other day. So I try to be kind, to everyone. I often fail though.
  19. Body image

    Loving yourself, regardless of your imperfections and shortcomings, feels a hell of a lot better than starving yourself or spending your days puking to be a size 0-2. I've been there, as have most women. I'm just glad that now that I'm in my 40s, I finally love my strong, muscular, a little saggy and bumpy, average body size. I wasted a whole lot of years beating myself up because I wasn't skinny or little, and never really appreciated the truly kick-ass body I did have (which is now just a slowly fading memory). Being healthy and happy trumps all my younger years of insecurity and self doubt. Wouldn't trade places for the world.
  20. Raincoats On or Off

    There would be nothing to ever talk about if we didn't rehash topics..... everything that could be talked about, has already been talked about. So rehash away!! But do know that starting multiple boring ass threads each and every day does strike most people (meaning the 3 moderators) as LOOK AT ME, aka advertising.
  21. Raincoats On or Off

    I have to say I find it amusing with the bbbj providers are twisting themselves in knots over the bbfs providers. What's the difference, really? But each to their own, and it's not my place to judge. And it's definitely not the bbbj provider's place to judge either. We're grown folks capable of making our own decisions. But as Boinky said, we're not going to let this one turn into finger pointing and "I'm better than you because you can shoot cum in my mouth, but not in my pussy!" drama.
  22. Raincoats On or Off

    I personally think it's no ones' gawd damn business what two (or more!) consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms. However, I was a "safe" provider..... back in the day.
  23. Happy Birthday Boink

    Happy Bday Boinky and Mackonit... I'm a Libra too and we kick ass!!!
  24. Funky Odor! What would *you* do?

    Your wish is my command, dah-links.
  25. Funky Odor! What would *you* do?

    A match made in heaven!! hehe (just wait till he figures out she's human too, she actually just thinks she's really smart)