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  1. Strange checking of profiles

    Well, it is a little strange because you cannot look up a client profile unless you have the client id, and the client is in control of who he shares his client id with. So if someone unfamiliar IS looking at your client profile, it would be best to report it to P411. Most often it's a "friend" or you've had an alert posted on you that includes your client id. It's worth taking a look at.
  2. Is this the only profession where...

    Some women still have a "phat ass" (and thighs) when they are a normal, healthy size and weight. When these women gain weight, it tends to go on their ass. Some women have a flat ass and skinny thighs when they are a normal, healthy size and weight. When these women gain weight, it tends to go on their belly. It's simply a matter of what body type you were given. Not a damn thing anyone can do about the body type they were given.... expect try to keep it as healthy and happy as they can. Learning to love the phat ass you were given is hard though, particularly when comments like "lard ass" are common for men to toss around. I've never been overweight, I've always been heavily into fitness (still am) and have a well muscled, shapely body, even now in my early 40s. But I do have an ass, and thighs, and I've been called a "lard ass" many times in my life because I have those generous hips and thighs and ass. It took a lot of years, and a lot of counseling, to finally be able to come to terms with the fact that THIS is my body, there is nothing I can do to change myself into that slender type, and that I should stop beating myself up over it every day (which is exactly what I did as a teen and young adult). That doing all the things I was doing to myself, in a attempt to be "skinny" was making me crazy, and actually harming my beautiful body. All I can do is love my body and take care of it the best I can. It's all that any of us can do. Throwing around hurtful names and comments is really classless, but at least it gives us a view into a person's true character. Better to know who you are really dealing with, I always say.
  3. Strange checking of profiles

    And in that article, even the police are quoted as saying: Busts occur constantly. Sometimes it makes the news, but most often it doesn't. Regardless, it's their jobs and they are out there! Don't put up your guard solely because it was in the news lately, your guard should ALWAYS be up. Using your big head, and all the tools at your disposal, can mitigate your risk.
  4. Strange checking of profiles

    This is certainly not "news".... they always have been active in the Denver area. Always have been and always will be. Just the same as any jurisdiction with a reasonable budget allotted to a vice department. The good news is the vast majority of the risk can be mitigated by using the tools that are at your disposal. You can never eliminate the risk completely, but you can certainly limit it greatly. Another good thing to keep in mind is that people who love to gossip, also love to exaggerate. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Nothing is different today than it was on this day 10 years ago. They are out there, and they have a job to do.
  5. Is this the only profession where...

    HAHAHAHA.... good one!
  6. Is this the only profession where...

    I really couldn't care less what CH thinks of my "fat ass". That ass made me a hell of a lot of money over the years, and as far as I'm concerned should be encased in platinum and diamonds when I pass from this life. I become a much happier person once I stop giving a shit about what people said/did/thought, and took ownership of my ability to not read it if it irritates me. I recommend this path to everyone.
  7. Strange checking of profiles

    I suggest reporting it to P411, so they can take a look at what's going on. One explanation would be that a provider who has her account Disabled can still view your profile, and sometimes girls will look you up for a "friend". Have you been giving you client id out, outside of the P411 system? Another explanation would be that a provider posted your client id on a bad date site somewhere.... The last busts of any interest were nearly 2 years ago, btw... not "recent". So I highly doubt it would have anything to do with that.
  8. Is this the only profession where...

    Dang... you cats iz OLD!!! lol
  9. Typical Newbie Cluelessness...

    There are ways to secure your client id, if P411 is made aware of the situation and can verify that there is not actually a serious problem with you. Just talk to P411 about the situation.
  10. Typical Newbie Cluelessness...

    I know you weren't asking for my advice, but I've been around long enough and have been in this position many times personally, and have had direct experience with hundreds of incidents that have happened to others. So I'm going to give it any way. Don't give out your real life information to anyone in this community, unless you are willing to take these chances. After it's all said and done, what can you do? Nothing really.... all you can do it try to mitigate the damage however you see fit. The drama, accusations, and "he said - she said" will not be played out on TOB in any way. In the end, it's 100% YOUR responsibility to keep your private information private. Personally though, I'd love to see a site that allows clients and providers post about the crazy shit that goes on. Not really so they can get revenge, but more as a warning to others, about what goes on with some of the more "reputable" providers out there. As much as NH might irritate me at times too, I assure you that outing really does occurs on all sides of the fence. it's not uncommon, and it's no joke when it's happening to you. So protect yourself accordingly!
  11. Info on Reese Reynolds

    Luce is correct. Any provider with a Pnumber lower than 100,000 has been around for a minute or two.... However, there haven't been 150,000+ providers approved for P411 accounts though. That Pnumber is indicative of the number of applications filled out over the past 10 years. Only about 1 out of 10 get approved.
  12. Asps with physical disabilities.

    I've mentioned this once or twice (because it's so unusual).... but at one time we had a provider who was a multiple amputee listed (I think in Arkansas). There are many hearing disabled providers out there, that I've noticed as well. I just think it's all very interesting. If I was a client, I would HAVE to check it all out!!
  13. what would you do ?

    This is very sad news...please try to have someone let us know what is going on with you, when the time comes that you are no longer able to visit us in person. You will be missed, and remembered, here on TOB. Mortality sucks.
  14. VIP- TER vs Verified Client P411

    "P411 Rocks?" hehe
  15. Cold Hard Truth (no pun intended)

    Captain Save A Ho's and pimps fit squarely into the same box.... manipulating and controlling women for their own warped purposes and sense of self esteem. Young ladies are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, and are capable of making their own decisions. Whether those decisions are good, bad or somewhere in the middle.... it's of no one's concern but her own. It's the same mentality that thinks women are incapable of "choosing" to be a prostitute. She simply must be a "victim"... because don't you know all women are morons and can't think for themselves? They just need men to protect and save them from all of their silly thoughts! Spare me.
  16. Merry Christmas!

    Ho! Ho! Ho!
  17. Donation fluctuations?

    There should be no problem discussing rates for her time. I have no idea why providers often freak about this, it's perfectly legal to charge X dollars for Y time. Keeping in mind that while it is legal to sell your time, it is ILLEGAL to sell sex.
  18. Wonder Tribute Video

    We've decided that we are not going to be allowing links to providers' videos, etc.... due to our rules against advertising and the fluctuating nature of many providers' retirement plans. So a repost will not be permitted, sorry folks.
  19. Photo Fail

    HAHAHAHA.... love it. But hey, who's to say that's not her helpful cousin?
  20. Wow how things have changed around here! :)

    The true story is usually far less interesting and titillating than the "made for tv" version.
  21. banned

    I'm the one who banned him, and the reasons why are really no ones business but the person who was banned and the mods. Rules: 12. Do not post complaints about the way the board is being moderated. Please contact the mods privately, if you must.
  22. what's a nice gift for the atf.

    We've seen more than a handful of providers gift a favorite client some time on his P411 membership. It DOES happen, believe it or not!
  23. Solution to not having an incall

    Very interesting. I like her!
  24. Solution to not having an incall

    lol... no kidding!
  25. Solution to not having an incall

    Don't I know it.... just need a little free time to start jotting things down. Oh and there is a certain photograph that I need for the cover.....