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  1. Additional Fields Needed in Review Area

    I agree 100%, keeping it consistent and searchable is most useful...... the review itself is where they should be less restricted.
  2. Additional Fields Needed in Review Area

    I'd like to be able to search by email address.... on both reviews and ads.
  3. Is P411 the only way?

    And if you get two solid provider references on your own, you are then eligible for a free 6 month trial membership on P411. No additional verification information needed, no credit card needed, no strings attached!
  4. I'm having a PRE-Screening P411 moment

    Considering that P411 is a Canadian company, I'm thinking it shouldn't be a problem to get yourself an account as a Canadian (or any other nationality, for that matter). Have you even tried?
  5. Why I'll never sign up for P411

    Oh, they are ALL in there.... hehe
  6. Why I'll never sign up for P411

    A client need not give P411 any significant real life information if he has two solid provider references, and P411 offers completely anonymous payment options including money order and cash. If a client needs to be verified via employment information, those details can be given over the phone and verified, then shredded once the process is complete. For those who have given employment information online, that information is deleted and destroyed once the account is approved. There is no reason to hold onto that information past the initial screening process. Also, there are NO automatically recurring renewals on P411, which means credit card information in not saved if you choose to pay with credit card. You have to enter it manually, each time you wish to make a credit card payment. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of a hack. However, it is possible to limit the amount of damage that could be done with a hack. A bunch of client ids and hobby emails won't be particularly interesting if it comes down to it, anything over and above that is 100% in the client's control and there would be no reason to include real life, identifying information. As a side note, who's to say that P411 doesn't enter random, well-established and well known public figures and business people into the database just for shits and giggles. You never know who might be in there....
  7. Announcing My Retirement Date!

    HAHAHAHA I'd miss you, old buddy..... but I know you're in it for the long haul.
  8. I think what we can glean from this thread is that human beings age. Some fair better than others, usually due to the amount of plastic surgery they are willing to have. Locked.
  9. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    See ya little sis.
  10. I vote for 2Big posting before and after photos of himself, for our amusement! First, a professionally taken photo from 1990 when he was in peak 25 year old condition. Second, a candid shot taken at the worst possible angle today. I have a sneaking suspicion that he might also look pretty "busted" too. lol Or maybe not... I'm curious!
  11. Shoot, I'm just happy to be alive... fuck a few wrinkles and stretch marks. Life is good and I don't give a shit whether some jackass thinks I'm hot or not. I made it this far and this old body carried me the entire way, and I love it for that. I think that's the true beauty of age.
  12. Favorite Movie about the Biz?

    "Whore"was also one of my favorites, and in my opinion one of the most realistic portrayals of street prostitution in the late 80s and early 90s (my heyday). Loved Leaving Las Vegas too. Oh, I liked this one way back in the day too.... but I haven't seen it in 30+ years, so it might actually be terrible. lol Little Ladies of the Night
  13. Dave in Phoenix is NOT a credible source of information and TOB is not going to be used as a vehicle for his drama and bs, sorry.
  14. Focus on busting 'Johns' new focus.

    The more things change, the more things stay the same.....
  15. How to Keep (or Lose) me as a P411 Customer

    Exactly. We really appreciate those who offer their input and assistance so that we can try to make the site work the best it possibly can. Keeping in mind that I am but one uneducamated schmuck working with one computer genius who can somehow turn my jibberjabber into a site that we are all incredibly proud of. Warts and all. We are happy to fix that which we know needs fixing, as time allows. Unfortunately, there are never enough hours in the day and we can never know all of the problems that need to be fixed, without you! And, Bit... if I haven't told you that I love you in a strictly computer nerdy way, let me tell you now. I love you!! mwah!
  16. How to Keep (or Lose) me as a P411 Customer

    I guarantee you, that as Admin, I NEVER do searches for providers as though I were a client member and I have no clue if there is a problem in that area unless someone brings it to my attention. It's a massive, extremely busy, site and we do the best we can. I'll be the first to admit it's not perfect in many areas and could use some work. Where did P411 ever imply anything like that? The only place we say anything about age verification is on the provider application, and it's clear that it's to verify they are the age of majority. I'll agree that many people make many assumptions about the types of verification P411 does on both providers and clients, but I can assure you that we do not try to mislead anyone and are available to answer any questions anyone might have.
  17. How to Keep (or Lose) me as a P411 Customer

    Thanks, Bit. As he said, we verify that the provider appears to be legitimate, and we require providers to submit documentation that proves that they are of legal age. We do not ever police the accuracy of their advertisements, that is left for reviews. I'll agree the Advanced Search option could use some work, and we plan on working through that area of the site sometime this year. First order of business is to get the Available Now board working though.
  18. Is every provider on P411 legit?

    A new provider on P411 needs to have a good review posted by an established review (5 or more previous, unrelated reviews) or have a P411 BasicPlus5+ client member to vouch her in. They are also required to submit age verification (identification) images. It's not a perfect system, but it weeds out a huge amount of riff-raff.
  19. Is every provider on P411 legit?

    This is the standard answer:
  20. P411 ad board

    Not sure how you think pushing business to is a brilliant business move for Also, I'd like to point out that it's been TEN YEARS of "marketing on the boards", not "months and months". Anyway, I suppose you also missed where it was said that we are working on an Available Now feature that won't need to be moderated and will be totally free for everyone involved. The only catch is that the bitchers and complainers won't get to use it..... too bad for you! I'm just kidding about that last sentence, btw. Have a good one.
  21. A word from Jez UaBriain.

    I'll be thinking about you.....
  22. Too many okays??

    For you, FREE.
  23. Too many okays??

    I think this thread has been severely been highjacked, and the offenders shall be hung by their tits if they don't stick to the original topic.
  24. Too many okays??

    Providers travel to Colorado, but the Okay is given using their permanent (Home) listing from whatever city. Providers also change their names and photos. Please remember that the P411 staff can see in your account if you contacted the providers who gave you the Okay in question, if you set up an appointment with the provider, and if you requested an Okay from the provider, etc. Also, since 2013 it has not been possible for a provider to give a client an Okay unless the client first requests it. If anyone needs additional info to spark the memory, just say the word to P411 and that info can be shared.
  25. Too many okays??

    Providers change names, and they travel. Chances are really good that you saw them in Denver, perhaps working under a different name. Either that or you are requesting Okays from providers you've never seen... Probably best to contact P411, a public board isn't a great place to discuss your account.