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  1. Thanks to all the hobbyists posting good descriptive reviews! Going out there and TOFTT! More reviews are coming in. Its looking like the old LVFever. This is the best site and the best reviews to find the best providers. Thanks again for all you do. This Buds for you:)
  2. I miss the lvfever format

    I agree the LV pooners should keep doing reviews. I haven't been playing the field for the last several months, sticking w/ Jennaz Juggz. But I luv to read the old reviews, Good, Bad, Ugly. That was great. C'mon pooners this site is what u make it. LV reviews are what counts!
  3. I miss the lvfever format

    I miss lv fever. I dont like navigating thru this multi state site. I'm only interested in LV! LV and LA is whats happening Not going to CO ever. But I wish the old lv fevers posters would get back on and give ur reviews the way u used to do it. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Short and to the point.
  4. Has anyone seen her lately, trying to get in touch. Best stripper bbbj i ever had.
  5. I like tits and lips and kitties, especially kitties! A sweet kitty closes the deal.
  6. She isn't a member here. She trying to start up here own web page, [snip] She is hot, [snip] Great attitude. [snip] she's a keeper!
  7. Its under construction. Pay as you go. You can call her at her #. She's a legit provider.
  8. Jenna Juggz

    As akways your mileage may vary. But the more u go the better she gets.
  9. Hi, I'll give u my opinion when I see u. I think mostly its up to you.
  10. i'm here, where have u been, need ur reviews, they're the best