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  1. I tried. So far she is not returning her txts. I just wanted to make sure she was 4 real, not scam or entrapment.
  2. Bbbjcim

    Does anyone have Kasey and Marie Dupree's web adds? I'd like to check them out. I checked our reviews. No one has done a review on either of these women? That would be cool.
  3. I think I did years ago too. She had an nfl jersey and big reddish hair. She was in an apt complex on second floor with a balcony. looked great from a distance. Upclose not so much. She was honest , gave a bbbj that was good. She's past her prime.
  4. Thanks Cobalt, Boink, and Mr Vegas!! Taking ur advice. Steer clear.
  5. Saw Jennifers add on backpage. http://lasvegas.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/lets-get-freaky-i-loveeeeee-to-play-meow-21/11123724 then saw that she used to be maria on bp too. They look the same facially but Jen has big tats on her front thighs and maria has tats on her right ankle. Maria has ter reviews , cant find any reviews for Jen? Is this the same girl? Hope someone has reviewed Jen?
  6. Mya, from my redbook and my mojovillage.com, and adultsearch. 7027508932. She is mixed. Downtown off the strip in motels. is she for real?? Anyone tried her?? What does she provide. Recommedationplease?? Thanks!!
  7. Tried MYA anyone?

    thanks cobalt, but what is cl??
  8. Tried MYA anyone?

    thnks cobalt. I foundher on google but haven't seen one review for heranywhere. I know she has ads for about a year in vegas. hoping someone has tried her out??
  9. Hobbyists who gives the best bbjs with Russian in your experience? I think its Jennaz Juggz, and Katrina Koval. Are there any other incall providers that do this?
  10. OOPS I forgot AshleyMarie! Who else? Any that are located on the north side of the city?
  11. Bbbjcim

    Las Vegas, Jennazjuggz.escortfiles.com best and reasonable.
  12. thanks, either one would've been a drive for me. One is in the combat zone.
  13. Anyone tried Harmoney Love or Maria the Salvadoran, both on mymojovillage.com. Both in call near new Orleans and last one Nellis and Flaming. ?? thanks hobbyists
  14. http://lasvegas.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/jewish-american-princess-gorgeous-exotic-olive-skin-beauty-45/4791130Anyone with experience with Cassidy.exe on Backpage . She is on www.adultspace .com saw here movies, she is psa in them. thanks hobbyists:D
  15. The website I saw is mymojovillage.com there's no memebership, the girls are coming back fast!
  16. I saw it, and I can see some of the previous mojo providers are on there. I hope its simple and easy to use.
  17. It takes sometime to figure this out, don't get discouraged. welcome LV
  18. thanks cobalt. Anyone ever tried her?
  19. Poonsters,has anyone been tapping the girls listed under Summerlin on backpage. Please let me now, Haven't seen any reviews on them. I recommend Jennaz Juggz if you haven't tried her. But that's the only one I've known. Good hunting! Halo
  20. I saw some familiar faces and other parts on Backpage, women > men. Its 8 screens of providers, many I haven't seen at all. Check them out and reply if you know any!
  21. Hi are you new to vegas or a local?
  22. I'd see Jennaz Juggz, you get areal gfe with her.
  23. I think your email was removed. Are u in vegas now. Lots of providers are posting on the adulthobbyboard. I think it maybe free.
  24. Thanks for replying. I 've just been seeing one provider lately, haven't been too adventuresome. The board doesn't allow frequent reviews about anyone provider. I don't like going downtown, there isn't much action in my bailiwick, but I found someone great. Jennaz Juggz. taglibug gave her a great review. I think Alice Chan is still active also on city vibe. She's an ATF. Ashley Marie is a great provider too.
  25. is mojo down ?

    whats up w/ MOjo? Gone?