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S Provider # Date
Yes AvaLovely 12 10/14/14
Seen on 10/10/14
Time: 1.5 hrs Upselling: No Location: DenverIn-Call/Out-Call: Out-Call
Service provided as expected?: Yes Would you recommend?: Yes Pictures Accurate: Unknown
Consenting Adult Activities: Full Service

Description of Session: My 1st provider experience and 1st review. As a complete newb I had to keep my selection to “Newbie Friendly”. I always wondered why so many providers wanted multiple references when it seem like one verified pay for play experience might suffice to avoid LE. ? Then it dawned on me that – I think many providers want to make sure the client is not only - not LE - but also a decent known entity as well. P411 does a great job to verify employment but it has no way of knowing if you have a overly huge dick or you just are one. I think “basic + …” gives this assurance to other providers - and the Newbie Friendly’s are wonderful for making leaps of faith here. Clients and other Providers should be equally grateful to them. Anyway - although I perused many others I kept coming back to the Ava’s P411 profile. I liked her brief and not overly embellished description of herself. The pictures are defiantly her. She possesses a dynamite body and brings along a nice personality as well. She was prompt and almost too sexy for my little spot of suburbia. We chatted for a little bit and I found her to be interesting and interested while being careful to not be nosey. I was a little apprehensive about the possibility of not liking her personality. For me, and maybe for providers - it is important to know the person a little - before knowing them a LOT. She was easy to talk to and easy to feel comfortable with. I have always been in LTR’s or had some friends to play with. She quickly seemed like a friend that I would REALLY like to play with and after a while we found a nice place to do that. I hate to get too graphic here and some of her unique charms you really should experience for yourself. She requested some mood lighting. I regretted losing some of that wonderful visual stimulation but boys and girls are just insanely different that way! After some touchy feely – some DATY and a few nice positions she had no qualms about me raising the light levels a bit. I love small breasts - probably more than large and was uncertain about her "enhancements" – but afterwards I was left thinking – "those were enhanced!??" Great job doc! I really would have liked to spend more quality time with her two friends. As far as all the "consenting adult activities" - unfortunately - I did not request many delicacies and do not know if she offers them. Well maybe next time. Maybe I can talk her into a daytime play date ;) As a newb – I have nothing to compare her to but she made my 1st experience in this hobby a very pleasant and satisfying one. Thank you P411, the helpful people at TOB, and thank you Ava.