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Hobby Hobbit -Banned
By Hobby Hobbit -Banned in Technology News::,
Perusing the TOB candy shop, Hobbit followed a delectable treat from one of many stellar reviews to their profile to their website to their "Screening and Validation" link. Deflated to see it included a picture ID (redacted address ok!), and/or LinkedIn profile with 150+ connections, no less, and/or other ways to "only ensure their security and ours", make it off the to-do list, in the local news, whatever, Hobbit was reminded of a face recognition service him came across sometime ago named http://wwwPimeyes.com. Like http://www.Tineye.com but, able to match the face to a name, to an address, to who knows what else, IMHO, it's much, much worserer 🙃. Curious how accurate it might be, their Home page makes it easy enough to simply upload a pic and find out for yourself. I mean, it even has a "Don't worry, it won't be stored", assurance! What could possibly go wrong? With no way in hell they'd get his Hobbit thought, if not him, who? If not now, when? Picking a random photo with about a dozen faces in it of folk Hobbit don't know off of social media, the service "recognized" four and required Hobbit pick one. THEN, the TOR browser him uses popped a cross-script warning that included the source website embedded in random, five-page long security scripting with four radio button options: block this request, block all requests, allow this request, allow all requests. At this point Hobbit closed it down. Of course, with our mugs being recorded everywhere from the mall to the airport, plate recognition software in traffic (LE) cams...face recognition i.e., mass surveillance is nothing new. Which begs the question, especially for those of us in relationships and/or reputations and/or licenses to protect, lose, whatever...really? Be safe out there, gents!
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