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TNA gone?

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Its been hacked don't open any emails for TNA they are going after the Hobbyist to scam you ..

I was set this from a TNA member after I posted about it on ECCIE >>

I am a member of TNA for over a year. Never saw anyone on there. Never messaged any ladies.

I created the account because I was gonna travel to West coast and never did.

I used an alias name. The name under my TNA account is not my real name, it's made up. It's a free account. There is no payment information stored.

The email address is a throwaway email address I created just to join TNA.

I check this email address sporadically once a month.

There are no past emails in my email address except for a couple from TNA admin: welcome to TNA and one from months ago telling me about some new feature.

Today I decided to just check that email address and there is an email sent from (Note: I then deleted that email, didn't reply to it, didn't click on the link.)
saying they are the ones that hacked TNA, as you being a member of TNA you have noticed TNA been down

NO I HAVEN'T NOTICED, the last time I even went to TNA was at least 5 months ago.

There is a link in this email and it's telling me to click on it and it will take me to some cryptocurrency site where I can buy $200 worth and it will send that $ to them.

If I don't do it by 7/5, it will leak all my information, name, address (there is none), phone #, every message I ever sent and received in my TNA account, to some site online

and they also threatened to send that information to my friends and family (good luck finding them, I used a French name so they are looking in France) and post it on my Facebook and Twitter and other social media accounts, which I don't have and there are none listed under my TNA account profile.

I deleted that email, didn't reply to it, didn't click on the link.
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Disclaimer don't open the e-mail link

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