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Since I haven't seen anything about this in the past few years but it's probably of interest to many people beyond me, let's share what we know of other boards for this hobby. It can be anything if others are interested, though my main interest is in the various regional boards and what is popular where. I found TOB because when I moved to Denver I had been on another board in Michigan that got shut down as I left (which was after the previous two local boards were shut down). I've also found a number of other sites that may interest people - but I hope there's other places people could share that I haven't heard of! I'm looking to do more traveling and enjoying the varieties of girls out there while I'm on those trips, so maybe someone else can share to add to these tidbits I've found. (Sorry, I'm no forum warrior so I won't modify my list, or research much of it beyond what I know, but feel free to if someone is ambitious!)

Big Names:

P411, Date Check - Guy/gal verification places we know that are obvious and have many people - but it's a paid walled garden (I actually just skim DC, don't know it, and RS9k might also belong here? Don't know)

TER, ECCIE - the big names I know of in review space. They are national (maybe international a bit), and they have a setup to make guys post reviews or pay in order to see more than basic details of reviews. Pluses and Minuses to those styles, but I feel it they are both far inferior to TOB. Visiting girls will often go to those sites until someone tells them about this one. Both sites have been the critical link in deciding to see some amazing girls for me - but I'm not going to pay them for it haha.

TNABoard - Seems like a reasonably nice board for the Western states. I notice a few girls here sporadically post there and I've checked a few reviews for girls visiting here. 

independentgirls - Seems like a Florida board, almost exclusively Miami. But it's a great example of what you don't just find elsewhere. Tons of advertising and reviewing for Miami (less but still some for the rest of the state), and most of the girls/agencies aren't on P411, BP, ECCIE/TER. 

Bestgfe - NE board mostly. Found some reviews and ads and found a great gal when I had a trip to NY last year. Really needed if you're visiting New England. 

Indys - This seems a random number of states with some traveling gals - not dead, on my list, but I don't remember much about the site except some reviews

Nightshift - Think it's a Cali review site. I've seen a few girls linking to reviews there, and a couple of them track with other stuff, but the reviews have generally warned me off the few girls. Might be because Cali is more expensive for less?

Lowbrow - maybe good maybe useless? Certainly weirder/older formats:

avenue-x, usasexguide - both are harder to navigate to anything useful, especially USG, but maybe something useful happens if you can figure them out? Forums for lots of places at least


BP - Obvious but worth a mention

Naughty Reviews - This is what I first found and got me into the hobby. It used to be an ok reference, and while it has some pictures and old information up or links to BP ads/numbers, it is completely a scam clickbait thing. Happened sometime in the last two years or so. I never heard what happened


Really what I'm most interested in is anyone else that knows of sites like the independentgirls I mentioned above. Sites you probably won't just stumble across without some searching (that I and others may not do for a quick trip). Or TNaboard. I'm certain there's a huge number of other places out there - please share!


(Hopefully this doesn't run afoul of rules, but I haven't seen anything that says it does, and the intended purpose is for other boards mainly in other regions than TOB, not suggested competitors.)


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RTP(Rate That Provider): Mainly for St. Louis and Colombia, MO but also covers KCMO and Chicago.


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I use ECCIE often, and have never paid them a dime. One review and you have access to read all the other reviews for so many weeks. And if you are in Texas on a road trip, the chat room is very useful. 

NightShift has been very helpful in California. Chat is useless.

Indys, RTP, and TER are so badly designed that I avoid them as much as possible. Lots of politics in the message boards on all three. 

TOB is great for getting a feel for the ladies that post here. Wish there was a chat following in Denver. I still want to see a local provider because she was often in ECCIE chat before moving here. 

Others that may still be around: I know I have an account for them in my password manager.

  • Grainbelt news
  • EscortExam 
  • humaniplex
  • newtothebiz - can't find that url anymore

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My primary non-CO boards are:

P411 - obvious reasons, but no discussions

ECCIE - in some areas, especially TX, this is a wonderful resource. You have to be prepared to break into the local cliques.

TNA - I found this quite useful in AZ & PacNW

USASEXGUIDE - Agreed, the navigation is more difficult, but it covers a broad range of both the country & topics

On occassion, researching a BP ad will turn up a TER profile. I usually take this as a positive sign, but I neither subscribe nor put too much faith in TER. 


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