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Stella 786-512-0902
Colorado Escort

Anyone got any information on this one?


Seen her on BP for awhile, just doing some homework.  Can't search well on the Ipad so ....


Please & Thank You



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Multiple names and phone #'s show up on other sites, on this one you definitely see the 1st 2 photos don't match the gorgeous gal in the rainbow leggings or the one facing the wall:


Different pics and phone # here:

Similar name & photos here but different #:


Always throw of the dice with these BP ladies. If any of the photos resemble the YL, it would probably be the 1st 2 photos in the 1st ad. Red flags for me but you may have better luck.




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Holy cow, are you kidding me?  Why do so many of these girls do this?  The BP ad didn't have those first two fat girl pictures.  Do they just hope you show up and are so horny you don't mind that they look nothing like the photo on the web ad?  I would be super pissed and turn around and leave.   If she is that untruthful with her picture, what are the odds she would even put in any effort into the service?  Assuming you could even get it up for her.  I have always gone by the rule that if I could pick her up or an equivalent in a bar, why the fuck would I pay for it?  I pay for a woman better than I can get.  

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