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Does anybody meet her

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That's Tabby. Once upon a time, I was a regular when she was massage only and was advertising in the massage section. She blurred the lines in her advertising as she posted pics that would be considered a little sexy for the massage section, but that was her strategy for getting people in. She did offered great massages and nothing more. Then she fell on hard times and started offering more and advertising in the body rubs section where I remained a regular. The more desperate her situation became, the more desperate her actions and ultimately, I stopped seeing her because of it, even though the body rubs she provided were great.

Yes, I do agree that her ads come across as being very odd. She recently came back with her posting style still being the same as before. Sometimes with face shots, sometimes not. Sometimes posting as "Tabby" but mostly without her name. Her situation continues to be desperate and she recently posted her sob story over several days and other odd ads. She also texted her old regulars, including myself, with a more detailed sob story to confirm that sob story she did post. I'm not sure how her services are today since she made her recent comeback, but what she provided before I stopped seeing her was great.

If you can get past her odd style of posting ads, then go ahead and give her a call. YMMV as she might come with the baggage I described above.


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