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Why aren't the ladies doing this already? You have a supersecure forum here and other places. You have an opportunity to pass this info on to every other provider who asks you for a reference on the guy?

What the heck DO you tell Suzie when she asks you if you've seen Joe Blow?

I would would imagine (and hope) it is more than "yes <click>"

Unless your intent is to inform the gentleman and improve him.

I may have to create one of the satisfaction questionaires to hand to the provider at the end of the session:

1) Was your donation acceptable? Was the envelope fresh and clean? Were the benjamins freshly starched and present in the correct quantity?

2) How did the client present himself:

a) Stylishly dressed, very clean

B) Wore a "fuck you" tshirt and holed jeans, but very clean

c) His momma didn't do the laundry today.

d) Unwashed hog farmer

3) Please rate the clients kissing skills:

a) Just right

B) too much tongue

c) too much slobber

d) b & c

e) attempted daty via the mouth

4) Hygiene

Please describe anything offensive. Breath. Body odor. Ball and ass funk. Nose and ear hair. Facial hair. Other.


5) How was daty?

a) too much tongue

B) too slobbery

c) a & b

d) improper finger technique

e) he did ok

f) the angels sang

6) Describe his attitude

a) brutal

B) terrified

c) rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.

d) fun, playful, polite

7) Did he tip?

I agree that the ladies should review us clients. I resent that after I've performed my best (clean, shaved, punctual, fresh Benjamin's and a helluva lover:) I just get an "Okay". Being just "okay" means I was average. As an over-achiever, I want to strive for more. While your detailed set of questions is very funny, we should at least be graded similar to the TOB providers as fantastic, very good, average, etc. This would be good for the ladies in obvious ways, but in other unanticipated ways as well. I'm sure if I received only an average review I would be back visiting the provider to try for a better grade. It could give new meaning to the term "ass kisser". 😊


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