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Goggles Paesano

Age aint nothin' but a number... or is it?

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Misrepresentaions of facts goes on everywhere so why act surprised it happens here? People's GPA, other academic experience and or skill sets learned thru work experience is misrepresented to hopefully get a second look for employment or other things. Not too much different here. I expect some misrepresention. I look at other things along with age etc. like real skill sets, can you verify them through reviews or other means. Personality, body type etc and other things matter to me and to some extent age also when I am making decisions on who to see. It is the whole package in totality I am trying to see if it fits what I want and expect in a visit. In this line of hobbying as with other experiences outside of this world, I expect misrepresentations so I look at the "facts" and sort thru them with a wary eye.


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