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Having Lots Of Sex Partners Best Way To NOT Catch HPV

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Interesting article on a new study about who, among men, are at the greatest risk of catching HPV.

From the article:

The rates were also significantly higher for the men who were single, divorced, separated, or widowed than in those who were married or cohabiting. However, men who had had 20 or more sexual partners did not have a significantly increased risk of acquiring any oral HPV infections, the study authors noted. .... Interestingly, men with college educations had higher rates of acquiring new oral HPV infections compared with those who didn't attend college. The researchers also found that oral sex and alcohol consumption were not significantly associated with oral HPV infections.

So it appears that as a man, the best way not to catch HPV is to be married, have lots of sex partners (20 or more is better), have lots of oral sex, drink a lot and not go to college.

Life is sweet!


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