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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone! I’m new to this site and hope to make some new friends. I’m based out of Las Vegas but I’m touring 10 states for the next few months, including my home state of Colorado. I am in the adult entertainment industry and love taking my show on the road. My wanderlust is real. Feel free to reach out or comment below if you have any questions - I am an open book and would love to learn more about you, too.
  2. New and Existing Members In Las Vegas, check in!! Say hello 👋 ❤️☺️
  3. I'm looking forward to reading and posting some great content on this forum.
  4. Just wanted to say from Las Vegas. Fairly new to the site and starting to peek around. Nikki
  5. Alessandra Fleur 111-222-3333 Colorado Companion Anyone know this gal? She appears to be fairly new, coming to Denver this weekend being based in Las Vegas. I've searched everywhere finding 1 review with TER. Also did pic searches on google, she looks legit but like to have someone smarter than me weight in. Thx T-Head
  6. Sabella 510-930-0041 Nevada Companion Has anyone seen Sabella in Las Vegas? She doesn't have any social media at least publicly available. However she does request verification which is always a plus. I obviously don't want to get scammed. $300/hr seems low too since she is pretty attractive. However, I have never seen a provider in Vegas so i could be wrong. if anyone has any knowledge of her that would be great. Thanks!
  7. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays all you sexy mofos!! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year I believe in Christmas miracles! Do you??
  8. I will be in Vegas in a couple of weeks and am looking for an in-room massage. Please PM me your recommendations.
  9. heyyy Vegas at least this site is still here. let's stay active and connected here in our vegas forum! let's keep it updated and exciting... also btw, I believe eccie is back and is getting back in the swing of things. stay tuned. also switter is growing by the day!
  10. Saying hi to new and old friends .Greetings from Las Vegas
  11. Sin City

    Hey everyone. Brand new to this site and haven't really explored yet. Any cool features I should know about? Let's be friends. Maddy
  12. Hello everyone! I'm Vivian and although I am not a new professional or new to Vegas, I am new to TOB discussion board. Is everyone ready for the Eclipse tomorrow? Unfortunately for me, I cannot find solar glasses for the event. I'll probably go Old School *wink* and who is going to the fight or plan on watching at home? OH and the fight is this week too! It would definitely be quite the show if someone beat Mayweather. I don't know if that is possible though, but if someone did beat him, that would be a show for sure! Stay safe out there and don't let Mercury Retrograde get on your nerves too much! Remember to *relax *recover *confirm and re-confirm *check your spam folder *rely on intuition *and last but definitely not least - breath....... Mercury Retrograde deals in details not life or death. Ciao Bellas and Bellos
  13. Just moved to Las Vegas from Atlanta (at the right time obviously) and really enjoying myself so far. Looking forward to learning more about TOB. Feel free to say hello.
  14. If you happen to be in Vegas on Fri Oct 30 and want to go to one of the larger meet and greets in Vegas, please look for more info via this link: Please note: Neither I or TOB have anything to do with this event. Please contact the organizers for more info.
  15. Hello LV

    Mickayla May says hi...
  16. Hello I'm new!

    Just wanted to take a minute and say hello!