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      To enter the site users must be 21 or older. Users are allowed only one profile to navigate throughout all TOB. Users so inclined can create a profile to include Pertinent information. Listings will only be available in the State of Colorado. This will allow for a safe place with emphasis on 21 and older Adult Member interactions. Trafficking is an egregious offense so please reach out to the proper authorities if you ever have any pertinent information.
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      Per the Rules social media accounts can and should be included in one’s Signature line, such as switter.  Please don’t include any social account info in posts. thanks

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  1. How much sex should I be having and at what age? Okay everyone, there ate a lot of variables. I suppose it doesn't matter, what age bracket you are in. I'm in the 46-50 that why I'm asking. I like sex 3-5 times a week. Because, I am in the lower /older bracket , I can reflect on my past and compare what is normal for me. For me a active safe sex life has been strong all the way through. II gotta say it 's been a lot in all the brackets. (Weekly/ Monthly) The question is what is normal? Some people do not even like to get naked let alone touch each other. When I met my younger wife of 9 years, we fucked all the time 6-8 times a day, rarely coming out of the bed room. she was 23 at the time, and very flexible.. This site is a good place to see what my fellow peeps have to say, and who enjoys the feeling from the tease "beginning", the middle - hump and pump to the final finally "O" ,and how much . Lets not exclude those of you who masturbate, a little or a lot, and not to be confused to touching that ends in ejaculation. Those of you who grew up during the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinski era. You know what I'm talking about. 13-18yo 19-25yo 26-35yo 36-45yo 46-50yo